Life Purpose & Focus Exercise

It’s been bugging me that I daren’t or just can’t pinpoint a focus and purpose here in

Perhaps because the domain name IS my own name, and it’s making me nervous that “I gotta get it right”. Maybe. But I’m just annoying myself, so I’m taking the time and space to allow myself to be anxious, nervous, uncertain as I do this exercise of finding my life purpose and focus.

I believe I’m brought here to this world with a unique talent, purpose and function.

That is to make this world we live in a better place, the way only I can.

Just two simple questions for now:

  • What if I will never fail, what would I do?
  • What if I have all the money in the world (or money is no longer a problem), what would I do?

To answer these 2 basic questions, Jack Canfield went a little deeper to define these 2 questions, he asked:

  1. Envisioning My Ideal Life
  2. What Makes Me Happy
  3. Do What I’m Good At

What I know is that:

  • I’ve always believed that God is so wonderful, that He made us in love, for fellowship. It’s truly amazing that He sent His Son Jesus to die for us on the cross, and I truly can’t imagine and wait to see them in person later in heaven.
  • I’ve always wanted to live off my writings, be it my books or publications
  • I’ve always believed that I need to also invest as much as possible into different income investment vehicles, such as dividend/income stocks etc, and instead of having 1 “core” source of money, to have at least 3-5 or 10+ different strong passive income sources
  • I’ve always believed that we need to follow God’s words, be faithful, do good, believe, forgive, love and grow.
  • I have a big heart, and I know God made me that way. I love people. I get people. Even when they go out of their way to make my life difficult, or cheat or scam or defraud me, or spread rumors about me. That sucks. (What sucks more is people just believe superficial scandals, lies and rumours!). But when people send love, warmth, and true friendship, I melt and tear and cry. I’ve a heart for people.
  • I’m not good with deep details. I just love to be with people, and I go very broad-based and high-level eg
    • I know that we need to build and acquire Passive Income Machines that provide us passive income that is more than our expenses, so that we can be free to spend time with people we love, such as our parents, children, causes.
    • I know that people can swing from evil to good to evil, but God made every one of them, and Jesus died for every one of them.
    • I know that even if we treat people well and love them, they may still betray and hurt us, but we still choose love anyway. And most of the time, when we first extend love and kindness, it will be reciprocated.
    • (this also means I will struggle with teaching people things, as I’m not detailed – I’m more “flow”, “sense” and “fundamental good success values”.)
  • I love people, but I also love my own quiet space. I have no need or want of fame. I don’t need that large mansion or that large corner office. I just need enough to survive and be comfortable. I don’t need foie gras nor that airflown beef. I know I will be quite blissfully happy, minding my own businesses and money without interacting much with people or having to teach. At this point in time, I’m quite happy just having passive income that’s more than my living expenses, and then being less stressed about money and just be with my wife, children, friends and businesses with a more relaxed approach. In fact, I’d be happy to live rich with little to no expenses with a fat fat wallet and ongoing streams of passive income haha.
  • I will not lie for convenience, nor cheat “just because I can get away with it” – I have my own set of values that’s largely taken from the Bible. Even if “no one knows”, God and me will know, and that’s enough for me.
  • Life has priorities, and when we can attend and choose the right priorities in the right sequence in love, we have good success, and typically they include in this particular order:
    1. God
    2. Self: Health, Talents/Skills/Consistency at Work, Money, Relationship & Health
    3. Spouse
    4. Children
    5. Family
    6. Career, Business & Money
  • In my previous business that was sold and this busines (Phoenix Rehab) that my wife invited me into, it seems that I’m good with
    1. Communicating, leading a team of people, guiding and communicating them
    2. Build systems to delegate myself so that it’d be an automatic system (so that it doesn’t rely on me)
    3. “Seeing” the core of what’s important, and deciding to go for it eg leaving bad businesses/individuals, seeing what’s important for business turnaround/growth and doing it
  • What makes me happy?
    1. Praying and connecting, hearing and communicating with God
    2. Followed by being able to spend unrushed time with people I care about (wife, kids, family, colleages)
    3. When I can be kind to someone. When I see kindness. When I see personal growth and transformation.
    4. When I think of a hypothesis, and test it and it works! Haha.
    5. Passive income – it still makes me smile till today.
    6. Early retirement – I hadn’t achieved this yet, and I believe this will be the next milestone for my life
  • What I wont want to do?
    1. I wont want to do events, seminars, talks

Also frankly, inasmuch as I LOOOOOOOOVE passive income and The Passive Income Lifestyle, I, for the life of me, cannot imagine JUST ONLY WRITING ABOUT PASSIVE INCOME. Yeah.

I don’t know, I do have quite a number of recurring passive income from my online businesses and income stocks, and it’s so easy to just write about them and post about them each week or month – it’s simple. But oh gosh, maybe I like pain and want to do more complex and painful things (like writing about good success, important things etc). This is why it’s scary to me – it’s EASIER to write about passive income because I already have sources of passive income, I have recurring topics and examples to show, and I can do it easily every month, why do I have to do pick the harder, scarier and more uncertain things to do?

We do the hard things not because it’s easy, but precisely because it’s hard and important.

I love passive income, but right now, at this moment, maybe not under brand? Maybe write about passive income under another brand ba. But under’s brand, is equivalent to my personal brand, my mission statement, the things and values I embody and carry with me.

And I know I speak a lot about passive income, but I also talk a alot about the important things that are non money, such as:

  1. How to stop complaining (Growth)
  2. Striving for happiness (Growth)
  3. I will not tell my kids we have money (Money / Passive Income)
  4. How to wake up early (Growth)
  5. How to be a real man (Growth)
  6. Principles and patterns of success (Growth)
  7. Living by your code (Growth)
  8. Stop watching TV (Growth)
  9. Do what is right and good (Growth)
  10. Growth takes courage (Growth)
  11. Overcoming overwhelming disappointments (Growth)
  12. Start where you are (Growth)
  13. The courage to live consciously (Growth)
  14. Are you sleeping still? (Growth)
  15. How to keep on keeping on (Growth)
  16. You dont have to be adequate, just start (Growth)
  17. Searching for your sacred place (Growth)
  18. Being incomplete (Growth)
  19. How do you love? (Growth)
  20. Yes you can (Growth)
  21. Love involves letting go (Growth)
  22. Passive income walkthrough (Money / Passive Income)
  23. Passive income series (Money / Passive Income)
  24. Invisible chains: what binds us that eyes cant see (Growth)
  25. And the prince lived happily ever after (Growth)
  26. Is it okay to fail? (Growth)

And much more (750+ articles at this point in time). Looking at the list above, can see that I write a lot more about:

  • awareness
  • personal development and growth
  • courage
  • failing

I am scared of failing. I am scared that I’ll waste my time. I’m definitely scared to firmly take the path of “personal development, growth and good success” track.


From the writings above, it seems like I’m geared towards personal development, growth and good success. I will have to write about passive income and early retirement as well, because achieving that sustainable is also a part of good success and personal development (under money and financial freedom).

I already have an idea about how the books I’ll write will be, which will typically be

  1. good success “doing” books, where they are dedicated and how-to do/achieve x (purely behavioral and actionable)
  2. good success “being/becoming” books, where they are dedicated to mindset, psychology, behavioral

Both are required, and if you ask me, they’re perfectly balanced half-half: a person who just does and doesn’t think, whilst successful, may not understand but they can certainly be happy simple. The one who keep thinking but don’t do, will not achieve success – we need both mindset and action to keep growing.

Come on Nigel – and to whoever is reading – yeah have a think, but then take action. You WILL get valuable data, which you can then use to fine tune and improve. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and of course we won’t be perfect from day 1. But to grow and achieve more good success, we will need to take directed action in the direction of where we want to go/be. Let’s do it!

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