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The bull run is already brimming and starting to bubble. Bitcoin has hit USD 72K+ and we’re not even blinking our eyes. The boil and overflow is coming and I am set to take my crypto profits this year in 2024. This is a time sensitive information, and I will not repeat my information and … Read more

Moving Away From Dividend, Growth And Tech Stocks

As I age and observe and learn from investing from bogleheads and their real estate counterparts, as well as learn about the nature of dividend stocks and tech stocks, I am getting increasingly clear that I will likely move away from both dividend, growth and tech stocks. To be even clearer, I am moving away … Read more

How High Could Bitcoin Go This Time?

First up, this is an entirely fun and speculative post. Literally like me conjecting a number out of thin air (or pulling a number out of my ass, as I would call it). To simplify, I just looked with my plain old eyeballs at the previous ATHs (at-the-high) of Bitcoin in the last cycle, take … Read more

Crypto On Meteoric Rise 1Q2024

Christmas came waaaaaaay earlier than expected when Bitcoin (BTC) hit the high of $69,420 in March 2024. Of course I’m thrilled and excited, I’ve been waiting for this bull run since 2021 but the rise seems too fast too strong. And very early too. The halving of BTC isn’t here yet, but that being said, … Read more

2023: The Year Of Change & High Interest Rates

2020-2022 where COVID-19 ravaged the world, uprooting global trade, travel and lives, where there were so much sufferings in health (people lost lives and lost health), lost jobs and independence when we were forced be it by law or fear to stay home. I distinctively remembered that during the early COVID years, the uncertainties the … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) climbs to $39.5K

It’s slowly inching its way upwards alright, and it’s exciting. I was wondering if I had so much faith in BTC, why didnt I sell it all to stablecoins instead of just some and then re-enter when BTC was lowest, at $15K? If I did that, then I would have more than tripled my current … Read more

It’s beginning to feel like a crypto bull market

It’s just a sense right now to me, where I see that “even” with the huge news of Binance’s CZ stepping down and agreeing to a $4B dollar fine “just” drops Bitcoin price by about $1K…for ONE DAY. Then the price goes back to usual, ranging in the $36-37K range. More and more people are … Read more

Going back to basics

In the end, I overcomplicated things again, and it overwhelmed me. I overthought, overplanned and it overcame me, making me procrastinate. It’s my own dang fault too. This site has gone back and forth with my ideas and dilemma of less-than-important matters such as I’m tired of all those. Now, I’m just gonna write … Read more