Crypto On Meteoric Rise 1Q2024

Christmas came waaaaaaay earlier than expected when Bitcoin (BTC) hit the high of $69,420 in March 2024.

Of course I’m thrilled and excited, I’ve been waiting for this bull run since 2021 but the rise seems too fast too strong.

And very early too.

The halving of BTC isn’t here yet, but that being said, Bitcoin ETFs are bringing liquidity and money into the cryptocurrency space, which can explain the rapid rise of BTC and ETH’s price and spillover into the other blockchain and crypto projects.

Well I’m not complaining, in fact, I’m reeling from excitement as I’ve been waiting, so dont forget to take profits this time folks.

I think the key question is WHEN to take profits?

I have at least 2 guiding points when to take profits:

  1. Time based — end of 2024 to mid 2025
  2. Price based — when ETH hits $6000 and $12000 respectively

You can ladder out in stages eg 25% x 4, or 50% x 2, or 33.33% x 3 or even 100% one-shot all out. Whichever approach you prefer.

Just take your profits.

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