What would $2000+ passive income every month mean to you?

Does it mean you can

  • work less or stop work anytime you want? Ie the ol’ cliche fire your toxic boss or colleagues? How much stress would this lift off your shoulder, and now you can really work for fun and relationships.
  • retire your spouse? Imagine how wonderful she’ll feel and think of you as a provider.
  • afford to buy something you want, without guilt. Imagine how liberating that feels.
  • bring your kid(s) to school and back? Talking with them along the way without rushing. How your kids would enjoy this, when they look back in their older days.
  • be more generous with people you love? Maybe give more to your parents. Or buy a round of drinks on your tab? Give to causes that pulls on your heartstrings? How would that change the way you see the world?
  • afford health insurance or medical care you and your family needs. Imagine how well you’d sleep at night.
  • go on longer and further holidays, travel all the continents. And if you feel like it, even fly family and friends along. Oh my.
  • be more selective on people and projects you want to work with? Imagine being free to pursue things that interests you.
  • invest regularly for even more investment passive income?
  • hire chefs, personal trainers and even nutritionists to bring you to your fittest ever?

How does any of these make you feel? Excited? Confident? Or more sense of peace and relief? Let’s not just dream about it, let me show you how to actually achieve them.

How much passive income do you need for you to live the kind of life you love?

The people I love and wanna spend my time with all the time

As cliche as it sounds, everyone’s passive income numbers is different.

Maybe it’s due to

  1. where you live / aspire to live (cost of living low vs medium vs high vs very high)
  2. how much disposable passive income you want to be able to spend
  3. what kind of lifestyle you want to have
  4. how much you earn, save and invest
  5. how much time you have to let compound interest work its magic

It may sound overwhelming and exciting in the beginning (after more than 2 decades, it’s still meaningful and exciting to me), and trust yourself: you’d get it sooner than later.

Read more about different levels of FIRE (financial independence retire early) here.

My passive income origin story

Passive income to me is as amazing as orgasms and sex.

I still feel the tingles in my spine whenever I get another passive income payment into my bank account. Maybe that’s why Albert Einstein said compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

In fact, it has become even more meaningful and important today more than when I first started my passive income journey back in 2008. I may speak like this today, but I grew up pretty poor:

  • ate lots of filler foods such as bread, rice, porridge, biscuits
  • never eating at restaurants (in fact, my mum confided that she once felt so guilty and embarrassed when my brother and myself drool-stood in front of KFC glass window, looking at other people eat their fried chicken)
  • “holidays” were really visiting relatives during the New Year, sometimes we skipped years.

We never felt poor or that we were in lack, and there was lots of love to go around, but when I got older, I realized we were broke AF lol

I learnt first hand some of the money mistakes that I wont repeat by having front row seats to seeing stuff like too-frequent money fights that my parents had and my mum’s tears of frustration due to more-bills-than-money.

I decided to myself at 10 years old that I will never, ever be broke.

I started off by being a $24K/year therapist, struggling with money (repeating my parent’s poor money habits, to my horror), to learning how to earn more with freelancing, investing into passive income investments and making many mistakes. I share my successes and failures here in this blog, and I hope you learn lots.

Today, I’m grateful that much of my lifestyle and living expenses are funded by my business passive income and investment passive income streams. You can read more of my personal story here.

The passive income lifestyle simplified in 4 steps

At the simplest basic level, it is 4 steps:

  1. Earn as much income as you can
  2. Save as much as you can
  3. Invest in passive income investments that you understand that yields a minimum of 5% (ideally closer to 10% minimum) per year
  4. Rinse and repeat steps 1-2-3 until your passive income is more than your living expenses

This is the simplest distilled summary of passive income, financial independence and retiring early.

The point of the passive income lifestyle: buying your time and life back.

It’s to build and live the kind of life you love and actually want to live.

Life is indefinitely more than just making and having more money, and the truth is that we all need money to have a better life. It helps us pay the bills, have medical coverage, give to causes and businesses we care about, and provides us comfortable living.

It is also true that whilst money is infinite (ie we can earn again and again)…

but time and life is finite.

That means there’s limited time. Plus we dont know when God will call us home.

Therefore, it’s only logical that the #1 goal of passive income lifestyle is really about getting money out of the way of our life, to free ourselves time-wise and finance-wise, to focus on stuff such as deep work and worthy. Maybe, like the cliche saying: “to make the world a better place”.

I use passive income to free and buyback my time and freedom.

So can you.

I’m glad you’re here, so let’s get started.



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