I don’t claim to know what matters most to you or what makes you happy, because everyone is different.

It sounds cliche, but it’s the truth.

I really don’t know what makes you happy, as happiness is so subjective and personal: what makes you happy may not be what that makes me happy, and the thing is, it’s different with everyone, based on their own childhood, culture, life / work experiences, preferences etc.

  • some may want to see and travel the world
  • some may want to spend time with their loved ones
  • some may want to fund causes they care about
  • some may want to fire their bosses and colleagues
  • some may want to create music, art, writing, dance
  • etc

I know what makes me happy is that I have the time to read, write, pursue growth, what makes me curious / serendipity moments, and spending time with my loved ones.

To be able to pursue and find out what makes me (and you) happier is to have the time, money and freedom to explore, test and experience and decide for ourselves.

Therefore we need to free our time by sorting out our money, spending habits and ensure our passive income is more than our living expenses first.


Let’s go!

Abundance, Money, Investing & Passive Income

  1. Money, Wealth, Retiring Earlier & Passive Income
  2. Understand The Concept Of Abundance & Science Of Achievement
  3. Free Your Time By Retiring Early (Or As Early As Possible)
  4. How To Save More Money & Invest For Passive Income

Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Impact

  1. Earn, Learn & Grow With Entrepreneurship
  2. Why I’m So Big and Bullish On Entrepreneurship: Benefits Of Starting & Growing Your Own Business.
  3. Entrepreneurship & Business Ideas
  4. Brick & Mortar, Offline / Physical Businesses
    • Freelance
    • Consulting
    • Coaching
  5. Earning Money On The Internet (Making Money Online)
  6. Internet Marketing Skills and Services For Offline or Online Businesses
    • Build Your Own Website (Get 2 free websites here)
    • Purchase Domain Names (like nigelchua.com is an example of a domain name)
    • Lead Generation From The Internet For Your (Or Your Clients) Business
  7. Leadership, Communication, Impact

Habits, Performance & Productivity

  1. 80/20 Rule of Prioritizing & Refining
  2. Micro-Testing
  3. Batching / Grouping
  4. Trigger-Action-To-Chain-Habits (Action / Habit Combos)

Health, Energy & Vitality

Love & Relationships

Curiosity, Play, Rest, Fun, Serendipity & Adventuring

Contributions & Giving Back

Emotions, Mind & Meaning

Where To Next?

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