Porting All My Sites To Wealthy Affiliate

Yeah, you read it right – I moved all my WordPress sites from Wealthy Affiliate to Hostgator a year ago, and now I’m porting them back.

The reason why I moved them over then, was I was in a course with a mentor to learn more of what he was doing with his online business (purely funnel + email marketing with affiliate offers + some content) and he wanted us to all use Hostgator and the other tools he was familiar with.

I was like…not very keen for that but went ahead with it to see the step-by-step process of the way he does it (he’s still going strong!).

However, as time went on, as I used them to login, update sites and posts content, I realized I still preferred to use Wealthy Affiliate because

  1. easier to use (just better UI)
  2. the support is quicker and more on the ball
  3. I can host 10 sites (whereas I was limited to 3-5 on hostgator)
  4. it’s easier to market Wealthy Affiliate
  5. they come with more bonuses such as keyword research programs, up to date website ranking and affiliate training
  6. I’m transferring my domains from namecheap over too, saving me having to login to another platform for domains (convenience)
  7. bonus is a strong community, but I dont spend much time in the community as I’m busy pretty much

I’m simplifying and consolidating my websites – even porting/converting my Solo Build It sites to WordPress to host and manage in Wealthy Affiliate too, saving me about $600/year.

That’s what I’m doing now, managing the technical conversations and work to port all the sites over…and now fixing my email which was previously under Hostgator but porting that back to Google.

So hold on there before I send more email updates ya

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