Allowing “Slack” As A Pre-requisite For Self Care, Productivity & Serendipity

Anything that’s held too tight and taut, leaves little to no room for creativity and to be a decent human being. – Me, 2024 Have you ever experienced speaking to people who are very busy or rushed? You may be curtly stopped or even yelled at or maybe ignored or slow to be responded to. … Read more

How High Could Bitcoin Go This Time?

First up, this is an entirely fun and speculative post. Literally like me conjecting a number out of thin air (or pulling a number out of my ass, as I would call it). To simplify, I just looked with my plain old eyeballs at the previous ATHs (at-the-high) of Bitcoin in the last cycle, take … Read more

What Would You Do If You Retire Early?

I was asked this question a couple of weeks back by my crypto mentor, and yes, as usual, my brain didnt process it that fast then since it was a sudden question to me, but after a couple of weeks on-and-off pondering the question during quiet moments, I can explore a few answers. Firstly, for … Read more

Sipping Coconuts

Happened to chance upon one of the founders / writers behind, and I was so inspired (and deeply reminded) when they told me that in 5 months time, they’re taking a long break together with their three kids (10, 7 and 1) to travel and see the world. To show the kids that there’s … Read more

I Spent $30 On Mobile Game Bullet Echo In-App Purchase (Vi)

I know, shocking…at least for me. I usually think 100 times or more, before spending such an amount on a game, much less an in-app purchase of a new character of this Bullet Echo game that I’m currently reallllllllly into. Yeah. Do I think it’s a waste of money? To an extent, yes. Do I … Read more

Your Biggest Enemy Is Yourself

Not that trash-talking jock, or that mean “friend” we all have. Or your seemingly mean neighbour, friends, family. Or maybe you were born poor and in a not optimal household, city or country. It’s you. There’s no one else to point your grubby finger to blame: “He / she did it”. Did what? If you … Read more

Are You OK With Being Unpopular?

I’d been writing a series of playing by your game/play-style, and now that I look back and think about it, it’s really a topic about facing your deepest fears — That you may be rejected when when you embrace who you are (ie playing by your playstyle). It’s a bloody deep-seated fear that deep, instinctual … Read more

Health Is One Of Your Most Precious Resource

There’s two funny and sad saying in healthcare in Singapore: They’re…unfortunately have truth behind it, but it’s a global phenomenon – it happens in the United States, Australia, China, Japan – wherever. Some outliers are those “happy” Scandinavian countries which are great inspiration for now, and I hope that our countries will progressive head that … Read more

You Need To Understand Your Playstyle To Succeed

There are patterns of success and methodologies that you can reverse-engineer to adopt to achieve X or Y type of success (such as earning $100K/year with sales or building a business, be it online or offline) — for those kind, there are Playbooks (think of these as Standard Operating Procedures)… but in this article, I … Read more