I Spent $30 On Mobile Game Bullet Echo In-App Purchase (Vi)

I know, shocking…at least for me.

I usually think 100 times or more, before spending such an amount on a game, much less an in-app purchase of a new character of this Bullet Echo game that I’m currently reallllllllly into.


Do I think it’s a waste of money?

To an extent, yes.

Do I enjoy the purchase and the Vi character?

Yes too, fairly.

I rarely do this, and I’m thinking that I may be open to spending more money that I either earned or my investments made for me, that brings me some level of joy (at least scoring 5 out of 10 on a pleasure scale and interest, at least).

I write about personal finance, and this “splurge” isnt something that is out of norm for myself – I have other small luxuries and splurges that I spend on, and as long I enjoy and/or use it, it justifies its purchase, such as that

  • $300+ pan I bought myself that I use almost daily
  • $10-20+ taxi trips almost daily that saves my energy and time
  • etc

There’s so many examples, and I will write more on this series of spending money for pleasure and profit, as long as it’s budgeted and earned for.

What I’m against is

  • spending future money one doesn’t have or
  • scrimping and living like miserly scrooge mcduck
  • living below one’s potential

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