Start Ups & Entrepreneurs, You NEED Cashflow

This is a rant. I’ve met so many…too many aspiring enterprises and entrepreneurs, who are blinded by their “big dreams” of “being” an entrepreneur, that they fail this most basic concept of entrepreneurship and business: That ALL businesses and start-ups need cashflow, to survive, thrive and grow. It’s so frustrating at times, when I come … Read more

Are You OK With Being Unpopular?

I’d been writing a series of playing by your game/play-style, and now that I look back and think about it, it’s really a topic about facing your deepest fears — That you may be rejected when when you embrace who you are (ie playing by your playstyle). It’s a bloody deep-seated fear that deep, instinctual … Read more

You’re You, So Play It YOUR Way

I’m coming back to the topic of “personalized playstyle”, and it bears mentioning again because it’s just so dang easy to be caught up when you look left and right, and see people who are more successful than you, and be tempted to follow the way they walk, talk, carry themselves. It’s perfectly okay to … Read more

You Need To Understand Your Playstyle To Succeed

There are patterns of success and methodologies that you can reverse-engineer to adopt to achieve X or Y type of success (such as earning $100K/year with sales or building a business, be it online or offline) — for those kind, there are Playbooks (think of these as Standard Operating Procedures)… but in this article, I … Read more

2023: The Year Of Change & High Interest Rates

2020-2022 where COVID-19 ravaged the world, uprooting global trade, travel and lives, where there were so much sufferings in health (people lost lives and lost health), lost jobs and independence when we were forced be it by law or fear to stay home. I distinctively remembered that during the early COVID years, the uncertainties the … Read more

A soon-to-be ex-colleague joked about joining us for our company meals

To which I said no.

If you decide to leave, or had already left, for whatever reason, then for that reason alone you’re no longer part of company and not entitled to join us for our meals and good times right?

In some areas of life you can pick and choose what you like but when it comes to work, you cant pick and choose the stuff that you like only…plus company meals are for people who are in the company, working and going through good and bad times together.

All the best!

Trust fund: get thinking and started

I’ve written a series on my thoughts on starting a trust fund, and today I want you to start thinking about it seriously, especially when you have people, organizations and causes that you care about. Dont think that nothing bad will ever happen to you, ala “smallville”, where bad things only happens to others. Dont … Read more

Quack advice from people who shouldnt give it

I find these the funniest, where people who dont work and / or dont own businesses to come up to me and give me their deepest business advice, with a truly deadpan look. Sometimes it annoys me, often it’d tickle me. Simply because these advice, though well-intentioned, are often the most useless…because they tend to … Read more

Insurance by itself isn’t suitable as direct legacy method

My best friend is in insurance, and he’s been sharing with me for years on how insurance can be used for legacy, where $1 can become $2, $3 and even up to $10 or more. Powerful stuff. I dont entirely disagree, because medical and health insurance is so, so powerful, to both afford the best … Read more