WTF is crow with knife ($CAW) memecoin and how to buy it

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I shared earlier to in my private newsletter (sign up here) that one the memecoins (highly risky stuff) that I’ve taken a position in is called crow with knife (ticker is $CAW but please do not mix that up with a Hunter’s Dream which is CAW without the $ sign)

This bird coin has grown a LOT since the day it started, but unfortunately, I didnt enter THAT earlier, and I also dollar-cost-averaged upwards as the project became more stable and mature.

It’s currently a straightforward meme coin with no utility (at least not yet).

Key Takeaways

  • The latest bird-themed meme coin — crow with knife (CAW) — is on fire and picking up traction across
    • defi first where I first bought it on VVS chain on defi (crow with knife runs on the Cronos blockchain)
    • after which the developer got the defi bridged to other chains such as Solana, Base, Polygon, and soon Arbitrum
    • centralized exchanges
      • we raised funds for Bitmart listing
      • we participated in a Buy The Dip reverse fund raise to get listed on App and Exchange
    • just got listen on XY Finance which allowed it to be traded across more than 20 chains including BSC!
  • Launched in March 2024, the meme coin appreciated over 2,500% in the first month.
  • Based on a real-life crow called “canuck”, who stole a knife from a crime scene in Canada and made into meme
  • Later, that meme made popular by Snoop Dogg:

You can buy CAW in the App and on the Exchange, or trade it on DeFi projects available in the DeFi Wallet, including VVS and Uniswap.

2500% growth with crow with knife ($CAW)?

The new meme coin crow with knife, which features a crow holding a knife, launched on the Cronos blockchain on 14 March 2024.

In less than 30 days, it soared to over US$61 million market cap and that caught the eyes and attention of many, many, many people in the crypto space.

More deliciously of course, the all time high on 30 April 2024 where it soared to well over 2,500% of its launch price.

See CAW’s current price and recent price charts.

The three things that impressed (upon) me the most:

#1 crow with knife community

Though crow with knife is a fairly brand new memecoin, which means that we’re still building the community, community is very united with very active

  1. The project’s official X (Twitter) already has over 11,000 followers
  2. very active Discord channel for community members
  3. as well as a telegram channel

#2 wise and strong leader “Destruction” that leads from the front

He’s not a man (or woman?) of many words, but when he says something, it gets done.

He leads at the front too, when we fund raised to get an arbitration bot, his was the highest giving. When we crowfunded for Bitmart, he led the pack. When we did the reverse crowfunding for CDC app and exchange? Yes, he again led from the front

#3 based on a real life crow, not a fake made up one

He even has his own wikipedia page here – and from his wikipedia page:

Canuck the Crow (hatched 2015 – disappeared 30 August 2019) is a human-habituated, wild Northwestern Crow from East Vancouver, British Columbia who became locally well known due to his close relationship with people and various stunts including stealing a knife from a crime scene and riding the Vancouver SkyTrain. He was voted Metro Vancouver’s unofficial ambassador in 2018, and disappeared in August 2019.

  1. Notoriety:
    • As a hatchling, Canuck was pushed from his nest. He was rescued and raised by a young boy in Vancouver, who took care of him until he could fly and attached a red zip-tie to his leg before letting him free in 2015.[1]
    • Canuck was well known in his neighbourhood, but first went viral in September 2015 when he landed on a cyclist and started investigating his backpack.[2] During a soccer tournament at Empire Field, Canuck landed on spectator’s shoulders, tried to take personal items including keys, and drank Tim Horton’s coffee.[2]
    • In January 2016, Global News producer Nick Logan filmed Canuck travelling via the Vancouver SkyTrain, an automated rapid transit system. He had entered on Millennium Line at the Commercial-Broadway station and got off in East Vancouver, having also done so on two dates prior.[3]
    • On 24 May 2016, Canuck stole a knife from a crime scene and interrupted a police investigation. Police had been responding to a burning vehicle when a man came at them with a knife and was subsequently shot and brought to hospital. While police were still on the scene, Canuck picked up the dropped knife, but dropped it before flying off.[4] During another police investigation, Canuck investigated the parked police motorcycles and entered a police van, in which he defecated.[1]
    • Due to the visibility and uniqueness of Canuck’s actions, he became legendary in Vancouver.[5] He was named by CBC viewers as Metro Vancouver’s unofficial ambassador in 2018, beating out actor Michael J. Fox with 81% of the final vote.[6]
  2. Personal life
    • In March 2017, Canuck was beaten unconscious on a soccer pitch by a man using a flagpole. He was nursed back to health by veterinarian Anne McDonald.[7] Canuck mated with a female crow named Cassiar and had two broods in May and June 2019. The first brood died due to a predatory bird attack but the second was successful.[5] One of the chicks, named Gord after late Canadian singer-songwriter Gord Downie, was plucked from the nest by another crow, but was rehabilitated and adopted by another crow pair in Maple Ridge.[7]
  3. Disappearance
    • Canuck was last seen on 30 August 2019. His mate Cassiar remained at their nest site, calling for him to return. Shawn Bergman, the operator of Canuck’s social media profiles, posted a $10,000 reward for the safe return of Canuck, with money gathered from anonymous donations.[8]
    • Bergman and others have expressed belief that Canuck was kidnapped.[9] Wildlife biologist and crow specialist John Marzluff has stated that the chances Canuck is still alive are slim.[10] Reports of dead crows matching Canuck’s description have remained unverified.[10] Vancouver police are not investigating the disappearance.[9]

Because of these 3 reasons I find that CAW quickly found a following within the Cronos community, as well as the Uniswap and VVS communities in the DeFi space. A bonus too was when Snoop Dog picked up his story too, which was really funny and relatable =)

crow with knife $CAW Tokenomics

Like most meme coins, CAW’s tokenomics are plain and simple: The token has a total supply of 777,777,777,777,777 tokens and a circulating supply of over 769 trillion (at the time of writing with about 1% burnt) — which means almost all coins are already in circulation.

This is a good thing because there’s no more “hidden” crow with knife token (less risk with rug pulls), and to add that the developer doesnt have a significant majority of tokens (the last we recall he has about 10T left) plus most of the earlier whales which accumulated in the early phase of the project had diluted their positions, meaning that crow with knife may truly be a community-led memecoin.

I like that because then crow with knife can continue to grow.

Does crow with knife Work? Does It Have Any Utility?

CAW runs on the Cronos blockchain and can be purchased with fiat currency in the App. It can also be swapped for CRO and wrapped CRO on VVS (available in the DeFi Wallet).

CAW is also available on Solana, Base, and Polygon, and soon on Arbitrum, according to its website at

The crow with knife website clearly states no utility currently and, aside from a YouTube video on the meme coin, it only features its original meme of a crow holding a knife, posted by Snoop Dogg.

His (Snoop Dogg)’s meme shows a photo of a crow that has been ringed holding a bread knife, with a caption that reads:

You know it’s a bad neighborhood when you see a bird with a[n] ankle monitor carrying a knife.

Snoop Dogg

Price Prediction? How Much Will crow with knife Be in 2024?

The crow with knife meme coin has experienced significant price appreciation in 2024 so far, with an all-time high (ATH) of $0.0000001488 on 30 April 2024.

Right now, at the time of writing, CAW trades for $0.0000001102, up over 2,500% from its launch price.

The token was recently listed on, which seamlessly integrates with the Cronos blockchain, making crow with knife very accessible for retail traders.

Some of the members in the discord team are hoping for another 3X to 100X from the current price, and I do think that there’s potential if we

  1. continue to build the community and team
  2. continue market and grow
  3. continue being enlisted on more platforms and exchanges

However, a big caveat and disclaimer is that no one can say for sure what CAW’s price will be in the future, plus it’s a memecoin so there’s higher risk.

How to Buy crow with knife $CAW With

Buying CAW with is easy.

You can buy crow with knife with USD, EUR, GBP, and 20-plus other fiat currencies or trade it for other cryptocurrencies, including BTH, ETH, SOL, USDC, and 250-plus more.

To start buying CAW today, download the App for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. From there, you will be guided to the sign-up process, which takes only a few minutes to complete.

Once registered, you can charge your account via bank transfer, Apple Pay, or credit/debit card payment. While bank transfers might take 1-3 business days to process, Apple Pay and credit card payments are processed within seconds and ready to use for your first CAW purchase.

Conclusion — Should You Buy CAW?

In less than a month, CAW has become one of the most successful meme coins in the Cronos ecosystem. It registered price increases of over 2,500% and quickly attained popularity in the crypto and DeFi space.

However, keep in mind that similar to other meme-based coins, CAW primarily serves as a speculative asset with little utility. Its price volatility hinges solely on its popularity. While the price volatility of meme coins may entice many due to their potential for substantial gains, they also entail the risk of abrupt price declines.

Due Diligence and Do Your Own Research

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