Health Is One Of Your Most Precious Resource

There’s two funny and sad saying in healthcare in Singapore: They’re…unfortunately have truth behind it, but it’s a global phenomenon – it happens in the United States, Australia, China, Japan – wherever. Some outliers are those “happy” Scandinavian countries which are great inspiration for now, and I hope that our countries will progressive head that … Read more

Insurance by itself isn’t suitable as direct legacy method

My best friend is in insurance, and he’s been sharing with me for years on how insurance can be used for legacy, where $1 can become $2, $3 and even up to $10 or more. Powerful stuff. I dont entirely disagree, because medical and health insurance is so, so powerful, to both afford the best … Read more

I almost died in November 2023.

NSTEMI, secondary myocardiac infection and heart failure were in my medical documentation. It was scary, and here’s how it happened. Two Fridays ago, I started coughing. It was just a light one – dont all those scary stuff begin with seemingly mild or light situations, but progressively turned darker? I thought it was okay, just … Read more