A child’s raw love and giving to God

I was so touched on Saturday 20th April 2024, when I attended children church with my kids – what happened was my oldest kid, Olivia, cupped her 2 hands together, filled with coins and emptied them into the giving basket. I was shocked at first. My mind did a quick calculation, with that amount it … Read more

Why so adamant on starting a trust?

In a nutshell, it’s good for my future generations (if any) and good for church of Jesus. It’s playing an extremely long game, eventhough I may no longer be physically around to see it grow massively. It will also help with my early retirement and sorting out the important things first, so that I can … Read more

Going back to basics

In the end, I overcomplicated things again, and it overwhelmed me. I overthought, overplanned and it overcame me, making me procrastinate. It’s my own dang fault too. nigelchua.com This site has gone back and forth with my ideas and dilemma of less-than-important matters such as I’m tired of all those. Now, I’m just gonna write … Read more

I almost died in November 2023.

NSTEMI, secondary myocardiac infection and heart failure were in my medical documentation. It was scary, and here’s how it happened. Two Fridays ago, I started coughing. It was just a light one – dont all those scary stuff begin with seemingly mild or light situations, but progressively turned darker? I thought it was okay, just … Read more