Going back to basics

In the end, I overcomplicated things again, and it overwhelmed me. I overthought, overplanned and it overcame me, making me procrastinate. It’s my own dang fault too.


This site has gone back and forth with my ideas and dilemma of less-than-important matters such as

  • wondering which platform is better eg Solo Build It vs WordPress and now vs Substack
  • wondering what direction and focus to take eg personal development versus financial freedom/numbers
  • wondering how to monetize
  • wondering if it should be a simple blog

I’m tired of all those.

Now, I’m just gonna write my heart and mind out, and see how it goes. If it makes money, great, as I would LOVE to live off my writings….but after 10+ years writing and going nowhere after focusing on the money part too much, I’m just gonna write what flow and what comes to mind and heart.

Screw SEO, long tail, and gaming the system or maximizing monetization – I’m going back to writing-writing per se, for the sake of writing.


I wrote on this earlier, on my health scare in November 2023 where I nearly died, and now I’m on heart, cholesterol and blood pressure pill, I HAVE to lose weight and take care of my health.

I’ve restarted my intermittent fasting, and this time I will incorporate it daily into my lifestyle – been doing it consistently since I got discharged from the hospital. At the same time, I’ve also weaned off my caffeine addiction where I used to drink 3-5 cups of yuan-yang (mix of coffee and tea with evaporated milk and less sugar), which has caffeine, sugar and cream.

I am walking at least 30-60 minutes a day as part of my daily routine, and will resume my home workouts over the next 4 weeks as my strength increases. Interestingly, the first week after discharging from the hospital, I felt so, so tired, but at day 8, I am much stronger and better.

Money, Finance & Investing

When I stayed in a sort of limbo status, wondering if I’d live or die over the heart amyloid uncertainty, there was some thoughts about how money and life should be decided on.

I told my wife, if I truly die early, which I’m okay and at peace with, then to take some of the insurance money to put into the children’s CPF to let it roll so that in 20-30+ years time, the children can use it for education and to buy their own first home in Singapore; and to live off the rest. I am very assured that the balance would be more than enough for my surviving widow wife and kids to live off.

That was the game plan should I not live long; but now, with the heart amyloid fear dismissed, and we’re mainly dealing with the blood pressure, cholesterol, heart and lifestyle, I’ve a little more time to work this out.

So I’d mentioned earlier that I have some amounts in insurance, upon my death, will activate and provide. That’s the first.

Secondly, would be the home. With my death, the insurance for the home will trigger and the home we currently live in will be paid off entirely, which reinforces the fact why any homes purchased should be just on perpetual home loan unless you really dont want that.

Thirdly, we have some investments in land banking Walton…which is MEH at best. When our so-called friend sold the idea to us years ago, back in 2010, we were told that it takes time, but most people get back 2-5x of their original investments, which were in parcels of USD 10K each. However with COVID, our returns had been abysmal, from 15% after 8 years all in to some being net loss of 45%. I dont recommend land banking at all.

Fourthly, I have some holdings of crypto, where I had entered the volatile speculative cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape since 2017…right now, I had experienced 2 extreme bear cycles where specific coins can fall in price from 50-99%. Right now, we’re in the beginnings of the next bull cycle as markets recover (most important is lower interest rates as well as the upcoming Bitcoin’s halving in 2024), I aim to take out a significant chunk of profits to plough into stable assets such as

Real Estate and/or S&P equivalent

I think the oldest name of the game is real estate, but I think (worry?) that real estate is a lot harder when it comes to legacy and trust matters. Perhaps it’s me overthinking it, and I should speak to a trust and will company first on it, but offhand, it feels that it’s just so much easier for me to create a perpetual and living trust that invests into an accumulative S&P alternative, such as the CSPX, with a conservative percentage draw-down annually.

Why CSPX? It’s whole market and large cap companies of the US, which I think will be growing for decades to come. Yes, it’s still equities and past results doesnt mean future results, but it’s what I have on hand, and if I put the draw-down percentage to be very conservative, this trust and legacy should be able to last forever.

And if I do it right, I can also retire (and push future income / funds into it) with the percentage draw-down within the next 5 years. Regardless, this can work and happen as long as I’m still living and that either my crypto rockets during the next bull run, my current condo goes into en-bloc sale and/or my business keeps growing.

I NEED to build this trust and legacy whilst I’m still alive – it sets in motion the long term game for my future generations and also for the church of Jesus, which are the biggest and right things to build upon.

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