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The bull run is already brimming and starting to bubble. Bitcoin has hit USD 72K+ and we’re not even blinking our eyes. The boil and overflow is coming and I am set to take my crypto profits this year in 2024. This is a time sensitive information, and I will not repeat my information and … Read more

Crypto On Meteoric Rise 1Q2024

Christmas came waaaaaaay earlier than expected when Bitcoin (BTC) hit the high of $69,420 in March 2024. Of course I’m thrilled and excited, I’ve been waiting for this bull run since 2021 but the rise seems too fast too strong. And very early too. The halving of BTC isn’t here yet, but that being said, … Read more

Next, Aggressively Cut Unnecessary Expenses

It’s not just how much cashflow and profit you can make, but it’s also how much you can keep. After all, compare these 2 cases: Perhaps you can argue that John is enjoying life more, will have greater networks and perhaps more work / wealth / investment opportunities…but really, who knows? Assuming nothing changes, I’m … Read more

How to structure generational income from the trust fund

Assuming global ETFs returns are at a conservative 6%, I may allow up to 3% drawdown to pay for expenses related to the trust fund management, and the balance of this 3% to be split into 2 portions: How to split the 90% of the drawdown post expenses Likely the idea will be based on … Read more

Tribute & Goodbye To Charlie Munger

He’s the original gangster of value-investing, which influences all I do with regards to money, business and investment. This post is taken from Chris Long and it’s tribute to Charlie Munger who passed away today, 29th November 2023 at the age off 99. Good job Charlie, and rest in peace. ——- In 1949, Charlie Munger … Read more

It’s beginning to feel like a crypto bull market

It’s just a sense right now to me, where I see that “even” with the huge news of Binance’s CZ stepping down and agreeing to a $4B dollar fine “just” drops Bitcoin price by about $1K…for ONE DAY. Then the price goes back to usual, ranging in the $36-37K range. More and more people are … Read more

Going back to basics

In the end, I overcomplicated things again, and it overwhelmed me. I overthought, overplanned and it overcame me, making me procrastinate. It’s my own dang fault too. This site has gone back and forth with my ideas and dilemma of less-than-important matters such as I’m tired of all those. Now, I’m just gonna write … Read more