This page is a road map for new readers who may be lost in their financial or wealth strategy. Or those who had forgotten who they were and their financial game plan.

From a very broad strandpoint, and myself stand for these foundational truths on bibical wealth:

  1. That God the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit created and loves every one of us, and we are learn and reign on earth before we meet God when we die. This includes taking care of our health, the talents, passions, missions, people and relationships that God has given to us, including financial excellence and abundance.
  2. Our time on earth is short and frail – there are too many talents, passions and dreams that die buried in cemeteries because people were too afraid or busy or distracted with surviving.

    That’s why you and I need to be very mindful, purposeful and Spirit-led to get financially independence as early as possible, so that money is no longer a distraction to your real life mission and purpose.

    This revolves about know what is your financial game plan how much you need to live free, working-saving-investing until you reach this milestone.
  3. Your mission is whatever causes that God has placed into your hearts when He first created you

    It can be funding the growth of the Kingdom, the church, ministries, charity, teach, write, adopt/have more children (or not), retire yourself and loved ones, spend more time with people you care about, invest into projects or causes you care about, or even hire people to take care of you and your loved ones.
  4. I write, speak and think a lot about money and investments, but I remind myself that living a real and good life outside of spreadsheets, money, investments and businesses and requires money.

    It’s smelling the flowers, kissing the spouse, bringing kids to schools, being able to be generous and bless who God calls us to bless without worrying about money.

Everyone starts at a different place or time in their lives. Wherever you are, the first most important move is to start making changes and this page aims to steer you in the right money and wealth direction.

Let’s first talk about #1:

#1: Getting money out of the way of life and living as early as possible.

This can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, but like any matters in life, when it’s easy, it’s easy to do and maintain, so take the easier and simpler route.

  1. Take a look at how much you spend each month.
  2. Remove all the stuff that you can do without. That’s necessary expenses to live on.
  3. Take that necessary expenses amount x 12 to figure out much you need in a year. If you spend at least $3K/month, that’d mean you’d need $36K/year to live on.
  4. Reverse calculate how much you’d need invested in simple assets you can understand, be it index funds or rental properties. For simplicity, US ETFs average 8-10% return on investment per year last 10 years. So based on 8% return, to get $36K/year, the math is $36000/8% = $450,000
  5. Now it depends on how much you earn, how much you save and how much time you have. The best of course is if you earn a lot, can save a lot and are very young. But sometimes…it’s not like that.
  6. Compute how much you can reasonably save, if you earn less. Maybe you can save/sock away $1K/month, and if you factor in 8% reinvested per year, how long can you reach $450K? That’d take you 17.5 years, without considering pay increments, bonuses, windfall money, upskilling to earn more, side incomes etc.

If you wanna play it safe, just in case, you can buffer the amount by 10% to 50%, and of course if you decide to have kids and other variables that costs more, you have to factor that in.

That’s really it.

Get money out of the way.

If you’d reached that milestone, good for you!

You can move onto the next phase as is, or you can level it up once more with living trust / setting up a trust fund for your hard-earned monies to support causes you care about beyond your time on earth, if you care for such things.

#2: Living a good and meaningful life, outside of spreadsheets, money and business.

Life isn’t meant to be spend 40-50+ years of your life working in a cubicle or office room, unless of course you’re wired that way and that brings you great meaning and joy.

You do you.

For me, life is meant to be lived outside spreadsheets, offices and cubicles, such as

  1. Spend time with loves ones such as family, friends.
  2. Retire your loved ones if they want to.
  3. Sponsor individuals or organizations or causes.
  4. Pickup things that pique your interest, such as writing, hiking, art, cooking – whatever. Even pickup crypto currency or NFT creation.
  5. Travel.
  6. Volunteer.
  7. Read.
  8. Pickup projects for fun.
  9. Have more kids, or adopt. Or none at all.
  10. Etc

The list goes on, and it’s open-ended.

Life is really bigger and beyond money, spreadsheets and offices…but this can only be done once you’d sorted out Level 1 and graduated from it.