WordPress Sites Finally Ported!

3 weeks ago, on 4th April 2024, I shared that I was planning to port all my WordPress sites over from another hosting provider to Wealthy Affiliate, and boy was the last 20+ days frustrating.

The previous provider then installed a new “security” feature that blocked me from accessing my own dashboard (I couldnt get the one time password that they keep insisting being sent to my primary account) but I think they were trying to prevent me from

  1. porting content
  2. canceling my account or
  3. changing credit card details

And as you can imagine, it was crazy frustrating that I couldnt enter my own hosting account at all, but I think I was lucky and God’s on my side:

  1. my credit card was accidentally misplaced (found later), and because I reported it as missing, my bank terminated the credit card for good and replaced it with a totally different number
  2. the sites ported over didnt have much or any updates and so happen my old provider had the old backup content, so that could be simply restored back

I am glad, and am now porting my another non-WordPress site into WordPress as I continue to simplify my websites and businesses, in preparation for investment changes and growth in the next 12 months.

If you’re looking to build an online business, or simply to build a web presence for your offline business, consider using Wealthy Affiliate, it’s really easy to use with an engaged community and lots of technical help (which I appreciate).

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