WordPress Sites Finally Ported!

3 weeks ago, on 4th April 2024, I shared that I was planning to port all my WordPress sites over from another hosting provider to Wealthy Affiliate, and boy was the last 20+ days frustrating. The previous provider then installed a new “security” feature that blocked me from accessing my own dashboard (I couldnt get … Read more

What Would You Do If You Retire Early?

I was asked this question a couple of weeks back by my crypto mentor, and yes, as usual, my brain didnt process it that fast then since it was a sudden question to me, but after a couple of weeks on-and-off pondering the question during quiet moments, I can explore a few answers. Firstly, for … Read more

Why so adamant on starting a trust?

In a nutshell, it’s good for my future generations (if any) and good for church of Jesus. It’s playing an extremely long game, eventhough I may no longer be physically around to see it grow massively. It will also help with my early retirement and sorting out the important things first, so that I can … Read more

Been a long time (sorry).

I’ve neglected this site of mine. Had been busy with my third kiddo, Josh, and firefighting at our physical business at Phoenix Rehab, a physical therapy practice in Singapore. Moved house twice too, once in 2022, and another in Jan 2023. If you include moving out of our original matrimonial HDB home in Sengkang, that’d … Read more