Moving Away From Dividend, Growth And Tech Stocks

As I age and observe and learn from investing from bogleheads and their real estate counterparts, as well as learn about the nature of dividend stocks and tech stocks, I am getting increasingly clear that I will likely move away from both dividend, growth and tech stocks. To be even clearer, I am moving away … Read more

Back & Hand Pain…From More Clinical Work

This is on top of my management, marketing and administrative work already in Phoenix Rehab Physio & Hand Singapore clinics. Back pain is from the additional sitting, funny cos I advise patients to NOT sit too long or stay in a spot for too long as that often leads to additional ergonomic/repetitive strain related problems, … Read more

Next, Aggressively Cut Unnecessary Expenses

It’s not just how much cashflow and profit you can make, but it’s also how much you can keep. After all, compare these 2 cases: Perhaps you can argue that John is enjoying life more, will have greater networks and perhaps more work / wealth / investment opportunities…but really, who knows? Assuming nothing changes, I’m … Read more

2023: The Year Of Change & High Interest Rates

2020-2022 where COVID-19 ravaged the world, uprooting global trade, travel and lives, where there were so much sufferings in health (people lost lives and lost health), lost jobs and independence when we were forced be it by law or fear to stay home. I distinctively remembered that during the early COVID years, the uncertainties the … Read more

What do you feel when and after THAT hospitalization?

Someone asked me this just the other day, and it reminded me of that experience there. It was…a surreal experience, especially when I nearly died in November 2023. I checked myself into Mount Elizabeth Novena on Sunday, 12th November 2023, when I couldnt catch my breath. For items 1-3, happened in the hospital. I was … Read more

A trust fund is about love and hope

It’s not about money only per se. It’s truly about creating a love gift that keeps on growing and gifting for years, decades and even centuries, long after me and my wife’s demise. The goal for me, is to not waste the hard works, efforts and energy that we had spent to build income, savings … Read more

How to structure generational income from the trust fund

Assuming global ETFs returns are at a conservative 6%, I may allow up to 3% drawdown to pay for expenses related to the trust fund management, and the balance of this 3% to be split into 2 portions: How to split the 90% of the drawdown post expenses Likely the idea will be based on … Read more

A well planned trust will help you transition into your next phase of life

In this case, I am 41 this year. Once I start my trust fund, say by 43, and fund it, it will bring with extreme certainty what I will be doing with my money, time and focus. It becomes so clear: And once the income from the trust fund becomes equal or more than my … Read more

A trust fund can help with preventing conflicts by bringing clarity and purpose

Without a plan, one plans to fail. That’s the reason why I am so adamant on having and building a trust fund for ourselves and our future generations. Without a purpose for trust fund and future generations, one will likely live without care for money and how it’s spent. Want to spend on that new … Read more

Tribute & Goodbye To Charlie Munger

He’s the original gangster of value-investing, which influences all I do with regards to money, business and investment. This post is taken from Chris Long and it’s tribute to Charlie Munger who passed away today, 29th November 2023 at the age off 99. Good job Charlie, and rest in peace. ——- In 1949, Charlie Munger … Read more