Back & Hand Pain…From More Clinical Work

This is on top of my management, marketing and administrative work already in Phoenix Rehab Physio & Hand Singapore clinics.

Back pain is from the additional sitting, funny cos I advise patients to NOT sit too long or stay in a spot for too long as that often leads to additional ergonomic/repetitive strain related problems, but as a hand therapist, I treat them in a seated position as it’s more comfortable for both patients and myself.

With a load of 20+ patients per week, that’s an additional 20+ hours of sitting AND less hours for my general strengthening exercise. I realized that whenever I skimp on my exercises, my body tends to hurt more – it seems I need more strength in my muscles to hold up my joints better.

Hand pain…funny also, coming from a hand therapist, because I actually specialize in treating hand pain. But that being said, even though my specialty is treating hand pain, that doesn’t mean I’m immune to it. Hand therapy strains the hands a lot more, because I cannot use other parts of my both to treat the patients (physiotherapists can use their elbows, and other tools), other than my fingers (mainly thumb), hand and wrist.

Ah, good problems nonetheless – I help patients with hand pain, I earn more and the business earns more. Good problems.

But this means that my hands and body cant treat patients for the long term, highlighting further the need for investment income and the possible pivoting of income and work to something else, anything that’s profitable, fun, valuable that doesnt tax my hands and body that much.

Ideas / possible options for me:

  1. investor (very likely)
  2. writer / blogger (yes please)
  3. hand therapist (noooooooo though I’m pretty good at it)
  4. maybe agency work?

What about yourself?

Have you felt or thought the same about your work? Perhaps your work has been causing you body pains too – what are your thoughts and possible solutions to it?

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