A well planned trust will help you transition into your next phase of life

In this case, I am 41 this year.

Once I start my trust fund, say by 43, and fund it, it will bring with extreme certainty what I will be doing with my money, time and focus.

It becomes so clear:

  • Earned income: 2/3 goes into daily living needs, 1/3 goes into investing into this trust fund
  • Any windfall goes into this trust fund
  • Any income from the trust fund I can spend all or reinvest a portion

And once the income from the trust fund becomes equal or more than my earned income…then I can transition to retire or at least, work on projects I care about without worrying about financial obligations.

For me, that’s about writing more, spending more time with my kids (and enjoying my wife’s company), taking care of my health and maybe even travel and giving back.

It sounds easy, and I think it’s simpler than what we make it to be or ignore.

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