My Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals

This is a list of my current big, hairy and audacious goals, and I will update them as I go along in life and evolve, grow or achieve them.

  1. Build a trust company / fund that is self-perpetuating with properties and highly defensive, that can pay for our entire spendings and still grow in value and profits which can pay the kids CPF too
  2. Focus on health: work out more (fitness), eat more healthily, lose 20 kg of fats, build more strength and stamina. Would even consider hiring a personal trainer and get healthy foods delivered to us.
  3. Travel the world or even relocate, if it can be done without jeopardizing the kids’ education and social life. What may be easier is to travel at least 1-2x long travels per year with the kids during June and December holidays, kinda like mini-retirements within the scope of Singapore academic life.
    • Pray at the tomb of Jesus and wailing walls
    • Climb the pyramids in Egypt
    • See the aurora lights
    • Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand
    • France: Climb Eiffel Tower, visit Versailles Palace and eat a fresh croissant with butter
    • Italy: Eat an authentic pizza, enter the coliseum and stay in a villa in Tuscany
    • Go back to visit Isle of Skye and stay for longer period
    • Visit Machu Pichu
    • China: see the Terracota Army, Shilin Stone Forest, and that amazing cave
  4. Take parents of both sides on holidays at least once every 1-2 years, maybe this can be planned around March and September 1 week holidays? Or together with the June/December ones?
  5. Sell my primary business Phoenix Rehab Physio & Hand Clinics for a good price by 2030 or earlier
  6. Grow an online business, which keeps being derailed due to me being busy with kids and primary business that can go with me wherever I go or even if I choose to stay in Singapore
  7. Write the books that I’ve been meaning to write, including Adventures in CandyLand