How High Could Bitcoin Go This Time?

First up, this is an entirely fun and speculative post.

Literally like me conjecting a number out of thin air (or pulling a number out of my ass, as I would call it).

To simplify, I just looked with my plain old eyeballs at the previous ATHs (at-the-high) of Bitcoin in the last cycle, take a look at the multiples over the last ATHs/cycles.

It seem like the multiples are compressing and flattening, so I’ll take a conservative number that the next (this upcoming Bitcoin ATH will be at best, conservatively, 2X.

That’s 100% of the ATH…so the BTC ATH then was $69,420.

Therefore my less-than-scientific way of measuring Bitcoin’s next high would be $69,420 x 2 = $138,840

That’s it.

Now let’s see if it’d go higher than that =)

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