What Would You Do If You Retire Early?

I was asked this question a couple of weeks back by my crypto mentor, and yes, as usual, my brain didnt process it that fast then since it was a sudden question to me, but after a couple of weeks on-and-off pondering the question during quiet moments, I can explore a few answers.

Firstly, for me, to retire isn’t about to stop everything and to become a retired person or retiree.

No sirree, not at all.

I think that’s not just boring, but plain waste of the opportunity a young(ish) person.

First, let’s redefine that – to me, it’s about not having to work for money or trade time for money, and to have more options and flexibility to explore more options in life.

It’s not about the ability to spend more, really, it’s more about financial independence and freedom of time.

Remember, I shared with you my brush with death and dying in November 2023, where I had a heart failure event over 5 days, that was perpetuated by a nasty chest infection. Because of that, I can no longer purchase more insurance even though my heart dont have any scars or wounds, and I am classified as heart-at-risk patient.

Also, that 5 days really helped me put things in perspective where I am acutely and shockingly reminded that my time on earth is truly, truly numbered and finite.

I will not live forever, and that’s why time and health becomes the most important resource.


With financial independence, I can…

Spend more time with love ones, serenading and enjoying moments with wifey, to travel etc and the usual, but also to be able to carve out more time to work out, improve strength and health, to pray and meditate more too.

In fact, I’d written about being able to choose the projects and people to spend my time consciously with, rather than just optimizing for maximum pay and money, which is nice to get, but I wont tolerate bullshit people and projects anymore.

So I will choose to not work with clowns or monsters =)

My big, hairy, audacious goals

Other than the usual suspects as I’d written before, you know, the stuff on retiring my spouse, spending more time with kids, the big stuff that I’m deliberating on:

  1. Focus on health: work out more, eat more consciously, lose 20 kg of fats, build more strength and stamina. Would even consider hiring a personal trainer and get healthy foods delivered to us.
  2. Build a trust company / fund that is self-perpetuating with properties and highly defensive, that can pay for our entire spendings and still grow in value and profits which can pay the kids CPF too
  3. Travel the world or even relocate, if it can be done without jeopardizing the kids’ education and social life. What may be easier is to travel at least 1-2x long travels per year with the kids during June and December holidays, kinda like mini-retirements within the scope of Singapore academic life.
  4. Take parents of both sides on holidays at least once every 1-2 years, maybe this can be planned around March and September 1 week holidays? Or together with the June/December ones?
  5. Sell my primary business Phoenix Rehab Physio & Hand Clinics for a good price and deal by year 2030 or ideally earlier
  6. Grow an online business, which keeps being derailed due to me being busy with kids and primary business that can go with me wherever I go or even if I choose to stay in Singapore
  7. Write the books that I’ve been meaning to write, including Adventures in CandyLand

So much to do already, and this is just off the top of my mind!

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