Sipping Coconuts

Happened to chance upon one of the founders / writers behind, and I was so inspired (and deeply reminded) when they told me that in 5 months time, they’re taking a long break together with their three kids (10, 7 and 1) to travel and see the world.

To show the kids that there’s a bigger world out there, and it’s a beautiful place.

I was deeply reminded that that’s one of my deep goals too, and that’s one of the reason why I too adopt the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) philosophy – to make and save as much as possible and become financially free as early as possible.

The retiring early isn’t about not working anymore, it’s about being able to be flexible in consciously choosing what to do in life, be it to spend time with loved ones, to travel, to choose the kind of people and projects I want to work with, and even to spend time praying or seeking God more.

As their kids were about the same age as ours (9, 7 and 2), it means that they also have thought about the kids education. After all, I dont want to just travel the world but risk the kids education or opportunities in the future if I could help it. And yes, they have not only thought about it, but they also have found the solution — NOT home schooling per se, but digital schooling.

They also shared about their investing and money approach for the mid term – they’re all in into Vanguard (ETF) and one of them will get a remote job to sustain the expenditures, as well as to sell off the current condo and buyback into HDB later after the 15 months wait period (which they’re traveling anyway, so that’s okay).

I felt much at home with these ideas and conversations, because these are similar things that I think about as well, from money, to travel, to kids education (academically in Singapore and out there).

Hmm, that sheds some light and options for me and my family.

I’m gonna ponder more.

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