Health Is One Of Your Most Precious Resource

There’s two funny and sad saying in healthcare in Singapore:

  1. Kill yourself earning money and building success to pay doctors to try to gain back the lost health
  2. You can die in Singapore….just dont fall sick (cos it’s too expensive to be sick)

They’re…unfortunately have truth behind it, but it’s a global phenomenon – it happens in the United States, Australia, China, Japan – wherever. Some outliers are those “happy” Scandinavian countries which are great inspiration for now, and I hope that our countries will progressive head that way.

Okay, I digress.

Health is indeed one of your most precious resource for a few reasons:

Building / starting block: energy + movement + thinking

Going based on all things basic, assuming you’re starting from scratch with zero resources such as money or network connections or job…that’s okay, because if you have a healthy body, it can still allow you to move, think and find a job.

Conversely, if you dont have a healthy body and you cant work, even if you have a job or money, it’d eventual that you may lose your job and money paying medical professionals. Therefore, health should be one of the basic vital resources you need to protect.

Unfortunately, it’s easily forgotten or sidelined because health isn’t loud, and chasing after money or promotions or growth can easily cause health to be pushed aside.

I remember a time, long time ago when I first went into private practice, where I was so stressed that I blacked out (I couldnt see anything for about 5 minutes) – that was after a particular stressful conversation with a bloody annoying CFO from another company whom we were working with. Ah, that brings back memories – I never want to work with her or the other CFO dude whom we just removed and bought out their shares ever again. Unnecessary stress.

Today I’m in the hospital, stayed overnight again (this time it’s not me, it’s my second kiddo, David, who has been having on-off bouts of nausea and diarrhea, but yesterday was worse with vomiting and fever), and I was reminded of my near-death experience in November 2023, where my heart was strained due to that dang rhinovirus.

Good thing is that today I dont have clinical patients (I’m a hand therapist) but at least with a laptop, I can work from the hospital to communicate and coordinate marketing works for our Singapore-based physio and hand clinic.

Illness can cause both short term and long term damage

If one dont take care of one’s health, or by a stroke of bad luck, one gets involved in an unfortunate accident – if one is lucky, you may recover fully such as in the case of mild sprains or even fractures or some small growth that can be easily excised (removed).

However, serious such such as

  1. metabolic issues such as diabetes
  2. insidious such like cancer / tumour
  3. chronic pain such as chronic back pains or other regional pains
  4. etc

Which can worsen, and that can dampen your ability to move (moving in high pains is very, very difficult or not able to at all). Even getting out of bed can be extremely arduous…and may even require surgery or other interventions.

These can (and will) effectively kill any of the momentum and business and money growth that you had painstakingly built. What’s the point of building if you cant enjoy the fruits of your labor?

What is wealth or success or fame, without health?

Therefore, yes, allocate resources in terms of time, energy and whatnot to build your business, growth and money; but also allocate time for self care and other matters that are equally important such as health, family, relationships, self, God and more.

That’s why, self care is extremely important

This isn’t a “nice to have”, but needs to be categorized as non-negotiable vital:

  1. Exercise 3-5 times per week of at least moderate activity level, at least 30+ minutes each time
  2. Cut back from processed foods, salt, starch and sugar (do not drink carbohydrates too – water is fine).
  3. Rest and sleep at least 8 hours a day
  4. SOCIALIZE with family, close friends at least 2-4x per week*
  5. Meditate, read the bible and pray daily
  6. Take your health supplements
  7. Work only max 8-10 hours per day, and then stop. Prioritize the most important things first.

Really, self care.

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