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This is not a post to brag – it’s a post of introspection and realization, which I think applies to you as well as to me. I hope it resonates within you. =)

Looking introspectively, I am happy.

I am happier now, more contented than ever before in my previous years. I love my businesses. I love my wife. I love my family. I love God.

In spite of it all. In spite of all my challenges. The difficulties of the case in church. The challenges and complexity of running and growing businesses. The challenges of nurturing relationships and friendships.

I am happy.

Come to think of it, happiness is not a situation of the absence of pain or suffering, as I am in no way short of challenges, pain or discomfort (I have lots of them =D).

But I think happiness comes as we give thanks and start having an approach of gratitude of what we have, not what we don’t have.

What we focus on grows, and as I focus on things that I do have that are good in my life, it creates a positive, fuzzy, love-kinda feeling inside, and I feel good, despite all my challenges and difficulties.

It’s not that I don’t have discomfort or pain. There are so many complex and difficult challenges that I face everyday, some daily, some long term – but they’ll always be around.

I’m going to keep thanking God for sending Jesus to die on the cross for all of mankind, for having a wonderful wife, for wonderful families and friends, for great businesses and a wonderful church, and wonderful readers who make the reason for me to keep writing.

I am blessed.


So are you.

You are blessed.

I’ll make you a great nation and bless you. I’ll make you famous; you’ll be a blessing. I’ll bless those who bless you; those who curse you I’ll curse. All the families of the Earth will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:2-3

If you’re not happy as of now, maybe you have a lot going for you. Maybe someone you know is sick. Maybe you’re up to your eyeballs in pain and debt. Maybe you’re having difficulties at work or in your business. Maybe you have not been able to sleep.

My friends, it’s time to be happy again.

happy again
It’s your right to be happy. It’s your time to be happy again. Start with counting your lucky stars for all the good things you’ve got in your life right now. And all the good things that’s going to come.

Let’s look forward to expectations that the person whom you love that is sick will recover soon. That your pain will diminish soon. That your debt will be paid off soon. That your business and career will take off soon. That when you go to sleep next, you will have the best rest of your life.

Hope is a powerful thing.

I don’t know about you but I am a firm believer of Jesus, and He’s my hope. Because I know Him, I can have faith and hope for better things to come, despite my current pains. He’s your hope too, believe in Him that good things are coming, confess the word and expect good things.

You are blessed.

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