I Wonder What I’m So Afraid Of For NigelChua.com

I recently posted an article on “Directions and Focus 2020” for NigelChua.com:

NigelChua.com Directions and Focus 2020

And it’s annoying and fascinating how I keep holding myself back from exploring and documenting what I wanna do. Maybe it’s a perfectionist thing, where I’m afraid of making mistakes. That it’d be “a waste of time”.

A waste of my time.

So why not I take stock, and go based on what I’m doing now. Like, this season.

  • Immediate:
    • working on Phoenix Rehab, a specialist physiotherapy and hand therapy group
    • Pain Relief Physios, a site dedicated to helping patients find pain relief solutions to their physical pains
    • NigelChua.com, a site dedicated to helping people to live and achieve good success?
  • Mid-long term: saving as much as I can to invest into
    • dividend stocks
    • online business

With the aim of dividends more than living expenses, and online business profits also more than living expenses, at this rate, we’re just looking at SGD 8000/month nett (once kids graduate from school, this amount drops a lot more) =)

Haha I think I’m a victim of my own thinking (herein, overthinking) because I tend to be a very broad-based and high-level thinker, looking at the most important things in life. Like how I described what I’m thinking, feeling, visualizing and projecting forward.

  1. I want to write about Christ and salvation, because that’s the 1st hurdle to a true salvation, dream, purpose, meaning and more.
  2. I want to write about the Passive Income Lifestyle, because that’s the 2nd hurdle to unlock and free ourselves to achieving our goal in #1 above. An example, if our dream is to be with our family, spending time with them, then being “stuck” in a work for 10-16 hours a day, and only spending a margin of a time with our loved ones…what’s the point in that?

But sometimes #1 is so big. Living a good successful life, is such a big idea, but it is so so broad.

That being said, life IS broad, open-ended, and can be quite scary.

It’s so much easier for me to “just” focus and write about Passive Income and The Passive Income Lifestyle, where I can write about:

  • Earning more via online business (such as Affiliate Marketing, Kindle Publishing etc)
  • Saving more without compromising too much comfort
  • Investing as much as possible income Income Investments


I’ll just keep writing first.

I am pretty sure as I write more, I’ll discover more and find my focus and voice. Maybe I’ll do that exercise:

  • what if I will never fail, what would I do?
  • what if I have all the money in the world (or money is no longer a problem), what would I do?

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