Are You Sleeping Still?

Are you still asleep?

Do you have a clear vision, direction and purpose for your life? What life goals and dreams that you have for your relationships, your physical health, your spiritual life, your finances, your career? Are you developing them? Or have you not thought about them? Or worse, have placed them aside?

Sleepers are people who live their lives unconscious. Being unconscious doesn’t mean just being asleep – they are physically awake, but they live their lives unconscious, unawake, dead. They are not aware of who they are, what they are doing and where they are going.

They look like us, but they really are human shells living their daily lives unthinking, in a fixed pattern, like robots, drones or zombies under the spell of an evil warlock. Have you seen such sleepers who have no vision or clarity of their own lives? They live on a day-to-day basis, never thinking about their future, what they want, who they are, where they’re going. Just living and going through the motions of birth >> children >> teenagers >> young adults >> work >> get married >> maybe have kids >> grow old >> enjoy their golden years >> die. They go throug this cycle everyday, but nothing that they do is purposeful or has direction, thinking that whatever they do, partying, eating, working, is life.

These are people known as sleepers. Their eyes are open, but they’re not really awake.

How Do You Know If You Are Still Asleep?

1. Not sure or aware of your purpose, the bigger picture in life.

Ask yourself what life means to you. Is it about going through the motions of work, partying, eating, get promoted, earn more money, have kids etc? If you think that’s life, think again – there is a bigger picture, a bigger context beyond us. It is bigger that you and I, bigger than our family and friends. Religion doesn’t even come close. There is a greater Being, and a greater, connected universe. The great Being is God, and the great connected universe, a massive unity. Sleepers do not realize that their lives are part of the whole connected universe, part of the continuum of life, and part of a greater purpose.

How and what do you see your life as?

2. Living misaligned with your true purpose.

Do you know what your true life purpose is? Do you know how you want to live and how your life will be 10, 20, 30, 50 years down the road? Is it clear…or it it blurry? Sleepers are not aware what their purpose in life is. They may have some ambiguous goal or purpose which they cannot articulate, nor think about. Most of the time, they’re not convinced of their own life purpose too. Some have some semblance of ideas, but they have placed them in the backseat pursuing other goals and visions that others expect them do live for, in their lives.

3. Automated Living

Have you ever had the experience where you woke up in the day feeling so tired/sleepy, and you were going through the motions and you “suddenly” became aware that you had eaten your breakfast, driven your car/taken the public transport to work, and you’ve started “working” in your office already? You may not remember exactly how that happened, but that did happen (human beings can form strong behavioral habits called “motor engrams” that pre-programs us). And sleepers are on this program day-in-day-out without thinking or purpose. They can work like mad during the weekdays, party like mad on weekends, repent on Sundays, and then start the cycle again on Monday. They can do this every week, until they wake up, or until they die physically.

Sometimes they get ‘jolts’ of moments of awakening, such as when experiencing traumatic or extreme events such as the death of a loved one, getting married, having one’s first baby etc. They get a wake up call and they go through a phase of realization that they had not been living their lives in accordance to their purpose and values. Often at this point, they start taking direct action to change the way they live, and where they’re headed. Many choose to dive deeper into where they came from, ignoring the misalignment in their lives, and try to convince themselves that their life is ‘okay.’

4. Engaging in non-purposeful and useless “filler” activities

Sleepers, when not going through the daily grind, will fill the gaps in their lives with non-purposeful and useless filler activities such as watching TV, random surfing on the internet, complaining, gossiping, eating, etc. The sleeper when engaged in such activities, will not be able to stop engaging in filler activities until it is time/schedule for another activity on their schedule. When prompted, the sleeper will not be able to express a clear understanding or reason to have participated in the activity, other than ‘I like it’, ‘nothing else to do’ and ‘it’s fun.’

5. Dead to life

This is the real meaning of “let’s live day-to-day and see what happens.”. They float along and manage whatever that crops up as they come. They give up control to people and situations around them. Asking ‘why’ is not something that they can do. Sometimes, they realize that they are unhappy with the current situation and find that they are trapped doing what they do, be it in their relationships, or business or career, but they don’t take action on it.

Often, they exude this pattern of giving a reason why they don’t take action e.g. I want to ______, but [some reason here]. They perceive that they are doing something sacrificially for a better future. They prefer to avoid conflicts and confrontations, but it’s a vicious cycle, as the problems tend to backlog and return to them full-cycle, with a vengeance. Then the sleeper will automatically ‘deaden’ themselves to the problem by avoiding the problem and engaging in useless, non-purposeful filler activities, in an attempt to ignore the problem. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the problem and the problem WILL come back later.

For example, a person has a toothache but because he wants to save money, he avoids seeing the dentist. He tries to ignore the problem, but the toothache, over time, becomes worse. He becomes more easily irritated because of the pain, and is unable to focus on his work. Because of that, his supervisor confronts him, and because he’s easily irritable, has a very ugly outburst. The supervisor fires him. To make things worse, his toothache got worse, and the bacteria in the tooth travels down into his throat, giving him a lung infection. He ends up in hospital, having to spend more money on medical and hospitalization fees, lost his income producing job, and still has the toothache.

Sleepers are usually very busy, complaining often that they don’t have enough time, they are not able to do the things that they want to do etc. Little do they know that it is themselves who place themselves in such a predicament in the first place.

6. Unaware of their own thoughts, feelings and emotions

More than 50,000 thoughts go through our minds every day. Are you aware of them? Do you know which are more dominant in your head every day? What were you thinking about before you read this page? What are you thinking now? Are you aware? Sleepers have low consciousness and awareness about the thoughts in their head and emotions in their hearts.

7. No Vision, Dreams or Energy

Sleepers tend to be less driven, less enthusiastic, less energetic, and most of all, lack a dream. Why I say this is because there are some sleepers that can be energetic, driven and enthusiastic, but still lack purpose and dream. They are living just because. They push their own thoughts and dreams to the back of their minds to live the dreams and instructions and expectations of others, which they think “are more right” than theirs.

Does the above describe someone you or someone you know?

My Life As A Sleeper

I lived sleeping up till 2008. I was 26 years old. I was one of those kind who didn’t think about the consequences of my actions and decisions. I was busy playing, partying, who didn’t care. I worked during the weekdays to pass the time and get my salary. In between I would play computer games and spend time complaining to friends. I would dream of getting rich, but I would take no action. My relationships were terrible, and I hated my job actually. Until I woke up because of multiple life-changing events (you can read more here) such as the fallout with my family members, friends and then girlfriend, the realization that I actually hated my job and the things that I had been doing wrong about and in my life.

It was then that I had the epiphany of increased awareness, a sense of larger scale to life, a sense of connectedness and unity that I couldn’t explain or fathom. Only as I kept living a more conscious life, my awareness and consciousness kept growing. I was still lacking my own vision and dream and purpose, then creating and building a private physiotherapy practice in Singapore, which had grown tremendously, focused entirely on serving patients excellently and growing the practice.

I only truly woke up when I asked myself if this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I asked myself to evaluate the actual purpose and meaning of my life, and the kind of values and person I want to be. As I looked at my own life, in relation to the bigger scheme of the universe, and God, I realize that short-termed, lower-level motivational needs are not important at all in the long term. They are a basic, but they are not important, nor are they permanent. They may be valuable right now, in the short term, as we all need to have food to eat, to have shelter over our heads, to have acceptance and intimate relationships that are rewarding, but that is not all that is important.

Slowly and gradually, I discovered my real life purpose, which is to help to directly and indirect the cause of humanity, to help others live more conscious lives, achieve their full potential and live their best lives. It becomes my life purpose and mission to help sleepers wake up, to help them realize the untapped potential they have inside. That is why was created, as one of the platforms to reach more sleepers all around me.

No matter where I go, I see sleepers sleeping their lives away, going through the grind that they know as life. Some are in the rat race. Some living for others. Sleepers who don’t know what their lives mean and stand for. Denying themselves of who they are, what they want, and where they’re meant to go and be. It’s both saddening to see such a situation but at the same time, it inspires me to reach out more to them.

When they wake up, I get very energized and encouraged. Sometimes it’s because of life’s transitions. Sometimes it’s wake up calls. Regardless, when I see that happens, I know in my heart, mind and soul, that is what I am meant to do, and live for. I know that I know that I know, no matter what they do from there on, things will fall right into place.

The Red Pill…Or The Blue Pill?

Maybe you just realized you’ve been sleeping all this while. You may be shocked at how much time had been lost, or angry at not knowing earlier, or angry in denial. You may get depressed. It is reasonable.

Thing is, what will do from here on? Will you ignore what had happened, take it as a bad dream, and lull yourself back to sleep? Or will you choose to live consciously, and to muster The Courage to Live Consciously and live the life you’re meant to live?

In the movie the Matrix, when Morpheus offered Neo two options in forms of two pills. One red, and one blue. The red pill is the truth. The blue pill will allow him to go back to his life as he had ever known it to be. The red pill will set you free and let you achieve your greatest accomplishments. The blue pill is to deny the truth and reality.

Understand that you have the power over your circumstances, your thoughts, your actions. You can start acting on it, today. Through living consciously, taking deliberate action, you can create the life you desire. Everyday, I make choices and decisions that brings me closer to my goals, and to the life I desire. You can do the same too. No matter where you are right now, how old you are, who you are, it is never too late to do what you’re meant to do. In the bible, Moses led the people to the promised land when he is 80. Caleb fought giants and conquered mountains though he was 85. Colonel Sanders was building Finger Lickin’ Good KFC when he was in his 70s. It is never too late.

Until and unless you choose to take action to where you want to go and be, nothing will change.

It is very easy to take the blue pill, shake off this epiphany, and to go back to sleep. After all, you’ve come a long way, and it may seem like such a waste. But question is, is that what you want to do, really? Is this what you’re meant to do? Are you living your best life?

The path ahead will not be easy. It will be full of challenges. You may want to give up. But I can promise you, the levels of happiness will not compare to the life that you had led before, and the new life you live will be significantly more important, rewarding and fulfilling.

Helen Keller said when someone asked her what was sadder than being blind:

Having eyes and cannot see.

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