Growth Takes Courage

Growth is not automatic, well unless we refer to physical growth. But even then, physical growth doesn’t happen unless we feed it with proper nutrition, rest adequately, exercise regularly, if not our physical body will too break down.

Over the course of last week and this week, there has been several interesting and inspiring events – yesterday, I met up with one of my good buddies, and we spent a couple of hours catching up and sharing about each others’ lives and challenges. When I shared with him some aspects of our business, he noticed some issues that I wasn’t dealing with, that is the conscious selection of business that is more lucrative and trimming those which are not.

He reminded me that I need to take care of the people and business properly, and to do what is more important, and that I needed to take some actions and make decisions to protect the people and business, and to do so is to trim unnecessary or less important tasks.

Then I realized that I had allowed certain things to happen i.e. the taking up of low-lying, less important and higher maintenance fruits in favor of pleasing our venture partners, and this was making my wife very tired in the management of little knitty-gritty details. Even when I had spoken to her before, she said that she was still okay, so I had taken her word as is, and left it at that. Hendri reminded me that I needed to take actions to protect her, and I totally agreed.

We prayed about it and later that night, I texted one of the core venture partners about the situation, and it was resolved rather quickly because he had anticipated it the month before, and we proceeded to jointly agree to trim out the less important ones in favor of the more important ones.

And there it was done.


It was interesting, liberating to a certain point. And what’s more interesting is that I didn’t really realize that I had allowed certain things to happen. Question is, were there any other things that is similar in other aspects of my life? I’m pretty sure there is, and I’ll peek around =)

Later that night, I spoke to one of my friends, who in the span of our conversation, told me that I needed to “market” my services and skill and expertise more aggressively to my counterparts of the same industry and trade, so that I can “convince” them of my skill and expertise.

To put it in context, when I was a student, I was really not very well known for the right reasons, and what happened is that my classmates then (colleagues of the same industry) still think and recall of me like I was then, which is in 2002 (as of now, it’s already a decade old information).

As I write this, I’m smiling to myself, because in a way, it’s very funny how their understanding and knowledge of me, in their perspective, is a 10-year-old, obsolete data about me. And from what I garner from what my friend shared with me, I pretty much understood that I am being very maligned, insulted and trash-talked as a person and clinician by them.

Interestingly, I don’t really care.

My life, my purpose, existence, living, everything of me doesn’t really include them, save for the fact that we were classmates. I think I’ve moved on, and also, it doesn’t really matter to me. On top of that, the fact they don’t/didn’t update their data and understanding already place them in such a situation where it seems like people of 2012 speaking of 2000 like it’s still 2000 is a rather strong testament of how unimportant and insignificant they/their thoughts and therefore their characters and personalities are.

My friend then asked me why?

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To which I answered, “Why not?” Why should we stay with people who are uninterested in finding out the truth, actively growing and living their lives to the maximum? Why should we stay with people who lives in a seemingly purposeless world of people-bashing, all-consuming and non-giving manner? There is no point of that, in my opinion. I’d rather focus on things that matter. Like God. Like my wife. My loved ones.

What do you think?

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