My Publishing Coach Replied My Email On Pen Name Versus Real Name (and lots more)

He told me…

  • Go with pen name or real name, doesn’t really matter that much (though it matters a little)
  • Go through his notes again first
  • Go get published and getting paid rather than overthinking (which is fair and true)

printing machine

With this…it may seem that I may publish under different pen names, and with that, MAY be about passive income lifestyle after all.

It may be inline with my ideal of:

  • living off my publications/publishings BUT without fame/being on the forefront ie
  • living simply and comfortably

But…I cannot imagine just writing about money, saving more, earning more online and investing more. I mean, once you set the system, just let it flow and dont change it if you dont have to.

I’d rather not, I’d rather write about

  • doing less to do more
  • stopping to smell the flowers
  • how to stop to smile
  • etc

Those sort of stuff.

Maybe I’m mixing up being an author versus being a publisher – different entirely. Publishers just publish what sells. As an author, I want to know the stuff I write impacts lives, makes differences and sells. That’s the key difference to me. That it makes a positive impact, rather than just selling cos people are buying.

That will/may mean swimming against the tide, because:

  • writing about passive income and making money online is always sexy
  • same like writing about weight loss and having more sex is always sexy
  • and how to get and keep relationships too

ARGH my brain and heart is tough

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