I fell again and again, the first doctor thought I had a stroke! (strong reminder to retire early)

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Falling and falling again

I still remember how I woke up in the morning of 20th May 2022, and as I got out of bed, I fell to my right onto the floor. I thought it was just too early in the morning and “my body hadn’t woken up” lol, so I stood up, but my body and head suddenly lurched to the right side, and I had to hold onto the wall to steady myself.

Even brushing my teeth I had to constantly and actively try to keep my body and head upright straight (kept feeling like it was falling right). Good news is that I didnt feel any numbness or weakness in my right, but to be safe, I told my wife what happened and asked her to bring the kids to school.

Lying down didnt make me feel like I’m falling to the right. Those experiences only came in sitting or worse in standing. It got a little better, and I slowly moved to the cupboard to pack my bag so I can check myself into the hospital.

At the hospital accident and emergency (A&E) department, the nurses there told me that there were no rooms available, in that hospital.


I asked to see the doctor anyway, since I was there already.

He was worried, and checked for sensation, movement, strength, stability. He wanted to do a brain MRI just in case, but I told him I wanted to ward for it but since cant ward as there was no bed, and as I felt about 40% better, I opted to make an outpatient appointment with the neurologist the next day.

Next day, when the neuro assessed me, he assured me that it wasnt a stroke and told me to go home – I was definitely assured.

Reminder To Retire Early

This incident definitely gave me a kick in the ass reminder to not waste time, and to work on my early retirement game plan, and finally execute it.

To stop fluffing around wasting time and get retirement cashflow income and investments sorted so that we can focus on the stuff that’s most important to us.

I dont know you personally, but I can confidently say this – time is the greatest resource, secondly only to love. If you have dreams to love, dreams to pursue things that you care for and are willing to die for, then, as quickly as possible, please, for your best sake, to build your portfolio of income-producing assets.

Make as much as you can, save as much as you can and keep investing in good assets that keep producing income for you and your loved ones.

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