Coaching And YouTube

So I’ve not shared with you all, but I’ve been going for coaching classes (I’m the student) where I’m learning how to better make money online using the experience, knowledge and skills that I already have, and this has been ongoing since April/May 2021.

I’m not rushing things, as I’ve many other responsibilities including

  1. Phoenix Rehab (my #1 priority)’s management, leadership, growth etc (which also includes lots of sales and growth projects as well) – this takes up more than 80% of my waking time.
  2. Family and kids takes up my other remaining time other than
  3. Personal time which includes quiet time, exercise time etc

That being said, my coach is nudging me strongly towards video, and boy oh boy, it’s a whole different world out there.

Not just YouTube.

There’s Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Facebook.


I’ve got a webcam and a green screen; and I’m exploring/experimenting between using zoom to record videos (so that I dont have to edit haha) and using camera direct. It a HUGE learning curve but it’s fun, and I’m applying what I’m learning to Phoenix Rehab too, and it’s the #1 beneficiary of my side learning.

And video taking is actually exciting, though I’m still kinda stiff and awkward, but man is it interesting.

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