YouTube Channel And Videos

I’ve started my YouTube channel and began to do up videos!

You can either go

  1. To the Videos page where all the videos can be played from there OR
  2. You can go to my YouTube channel at

Whichever you prefer.

I’m doing it the easy and lazy way right now, which is just by

  1. Using Zoom to record
  2. Using a background with a common theme and a highlighted topic for the video
  3. Upload to YouTube and add the descriptions
  4. Update here at

I’m still exploring videos, and I quite like it for now, and will keep doing it until I get tired of it (or never hahaha). There is a learning curve but it’s beneficial because

  • it teaches me to communicate better and clearer
  • it’s a medium which if something happens to me, it’d be something that my loved ones and children and even grandchildren can still access
  • and much more

Do visit and comment, and let me know which topics you’d like me to cover more. I may just do more videos because it’s also fun!

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