How To Save $1000+ This Month (and every month)

My preferred way to saving $1000 a month is the “pre-paid expenses” (including investments FIRST) ie I will set aside $1K and chuck that into investments, and then pay bills/mortgage/utilities/necessities, and then just use the rest without guilt. Because I’ve “sorted” the core financial work and stuff that I want done. But if you wanna … Read more

One Of My Potential $1K to $370K Shiba Inu Gamble (Robinhood lists Shiba Inu in 2022)

This is not financial advice – I am showing you what I’m doing and you need to do your own research. Do not borrow to speculate, invest or gamble. Crypto is highly volatile and you may lose whatever you put in. Resources: buy Shiba Inu here: Read on Shiba Inu here: So when … Read more

6 Side Hustle Ideas For Single Mums (that you can start within the week)

6 Side Hustle Ideas For Single Mums (that you can start within the week) Being a single mum is not easy, and I got asked earlier on how single mums can get ahead financially. Firstly, is to aggressively cut out unnecessary expenses (when money is tight; once we earn more and have more than enough … Read more

Crypto com USDC Stablecoin Earn Versus Binance USDC Flex Earn – Which is better?

So I wanted to compare between’s flexible USDC earn program versus Binance’s flexible USDC earn program (as is an upcoming contender to binance), and I found some nice nuggets: Binance earn flexible USDC program is documented at 1.2% but it’s actually a blended of: First $75,000 USDC : 1.20% Above $75,000 USDC : … Read more