What Is Good Success?

Good success to me, is mastery in the following areas of our lives where everyone wins.

My dream of the good successful life and business is where we can build and live lives that are rich, healthy, blessed, life and world-changing BUT

  • Where no one needs to be thrown under the bus.
  • Where no one needs to be lied to or manipulated.
  • Where no one needs to be cheated of.
  • Etc

Basically, one doesn’t need to cheat to get ahead in life. And that when we play the game in a good way, though it seems like a slower and longer way of success – it’s actually the correct and fastest way to success.

To me, these are the working theory of how I organize my thoughts.

Stage 1 Financial Security & Freedom – Building assets that provides value over and over again, and being paid passively over and over again

Above all, this is the starting point – without achieving The Passive Income Lifestyle, one cannot unlock the full Good Success Life.

The reason is basic and simple – if we are still stuck actively earning money, then we can never be time free. Without being able to be time free, working 40-100 hours a week – how can we ever achieve all of the areas below outside of work? In fact, it is possible for us to be so desperate that we may end up working for wrong people who is corrupted too.

That’s why one of my core messages central to my life is to

Achieve The Passive Income Lifestyle by learning to build / acquiring assets that pours streams and streams of passive income automatically into our bank accounts week after week to unlock the next stages of life

That’s the main reason driving me to spend thousands of dollars, time and effort to

  • grow and improve my core business performance, of which I can take the proceeds to invest into stable dividend stocks and a portion into high-risk, high-returns cryptocurrency
  • learn and improve upon my online business skills

Stage 2 Embracing Good Mindset & Values

This includes being kind, doing good, doing the right thing, philanthropy and the like in your personal life, relationships and business or career.

It also includes owning up and speaking truthfully even when it’s not easy or comfortable, and helping others grow despite them or ourselves making mistakes.

If we try to get ahead in life by ignoring good mindset and values, and instead get ahead by using black practices such as lying, intimidation, coercion etc – such earned money are unclean “blood money” – where someone had to be sacrificed for us to get that benefit.

Unfortunately, it’s common-practice today.

  • CEOs, bankers and top-ranked executives are given boatloads of money even when companies they work for tank (remember the story of Lehman brothers collapse? Millions affected negatively, government stepped in to give tax money to save the bank, and millions of dollars ended up in the hands of the bankers…not the ones affected).
  • Massive layoffs to balance books to profit shareholders.
  • Manipulation and cooking of books used to raise more funds to do more shit practices.
  • Individuals who lie and throw others under the bus are rewarded for it with promotions and more money.

This is truly rubbish work and I strongly disagree to this – what’s the point of getting ahead this way?

One may think it’s okay…but it’s “usually okay if it happens to someone else”. The easiest way to see if it’s good or not is just by asking these questions:

  1. Would it be okay with you if the same thing happens to you or your loved ones (be it your spouse, daughter or son)?
  2. Or if you are told to do this to your spouse, daughter or son?

Would or can you?

If you would, then unfortunately you aren’t right this time. Just because everyone does it doesnt make a wrong a right. Even if 1 million people do the wrong thing, it doesn’t mean it’s right you know – it just means it’s popular.

That’s it.

I recommend that you choose to love and succeed where everyone wins, not just a select few.

Stage 3 Relationships & Love

This is an extension or part of stage 2 of embracing good mindset and values. It will spill over into good practices and values in personal relationships and friendships including.

Do not sacrifice others for personal gain – there is no gain or happiness from doing such things.

If anything, it will bring you pain instead.

That person who cheated on his wife (dirt #1) and when she divorced him, he tried to make her sign documents that she didn’t do her wifely duties (dirt #2). Of course she didn’t agree at all.

In spite of doing wrong, he still tried to turn it around to be her fault, and none of his…and what’s more now he has two dirty deeds on him – this will haunt him for the rest of his life, whether he likes it or not.

Consciously apply your good mindset and values to yourself, your relationships, your people. Do not cheat or wring them or use them.

Stage 4 Health, Fitness & Well Being

Health without wealth is okay, we have energy and brilliance to work our way up to good success.

However, wealth without health is terrible – so don’t mess with your health.

  1. Fast regularly at least 3-7 days a week, about 16 hours of non-solids and non-caloric fasting. This does wonders for your health.
  2. Exercise 3-7 days a week, moderate pace. No need crazy intense stuff – research is showing moderate activities also provides the health benefits of exercise you want.
  3. Drink lots of plain water. I drink filtered water by Aquasana drinking water filter.
  4. Rest and sleep. This when done right, will work wonders to reverse damage done to our body due to environmental or external stresses, and bring you closer to better and fuller health.
  5. Take some good health supplements. You dont need a thousand of them – just a few core high quality ones like Xtend Life Total Balance Men’s Premium or Xtend Life Omega 3 Fish Oil QH Ultra.
  6. Meditate.
  7. Spend time with loved ones (see Stage 3) – there are research showing that good healthy and positive relationships has profound beneficial health benefits for the health, brain, etc. Just by eating, laughing and spending time with people we care about.
  8. Read a book a week – this itself will bring you years ahead in growth. Be hungry to learn.

Stage 5 Pursuing God, Spiritual Matters and sometimes, Serendipity

We are spiritual beings.

Not just bags of flesh and bones (this is true to a biological, physiological and genetical extent). But really, we’re not random. Our lives are special, we are created wonderfully and majestically by the highest order being called God. He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to die for our sins so that we may reconcile to Him.

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6)

That’s the 1st level, which is He wants us to fellowship and be with Him (today and forever in eternity). With this, we also are called to invite as many people as we can with us to join Him in Heaven.

The 2nd level is that He’s given each and everyone talents, skills and specific tasks (or calling), and we’re to discover what He has in store for us, and this can only be achieved by moving forward. This, when done right, is linked to the 1st level (where we excel is where we will also be able to call and influence and invite others) as well as feel the sense of being exactly who and where we are to be, in different timelines of our lives.

Seek God first, and everything else will fall into place.

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