Spend At Least 5 Hours Every Week On Growth

You need to spend at least 5-10+ hours each week on growth activities.

These includes

  • Reading something that expands your mind
  • Exercising to strengthen your body
  • Forgiving others
  • Speaking out in kindness
  • Calling a loved one
  • Etc

If you do this every week, you will keep improving every week.

Choose something that interests you and benefits at least 2 or more individuals. And ensure it harms no one.

Conversely if you don’t do so, that’s similar to just surviving and staying still without improving.

In some cases, say a person is struggling, it may be hard to dedicate 5 hours a week or more, but I recommend to hold onto this and push through.

These growth hours will help you level up in the direction you actually want to level up, as opposed to organic / reactive learning based on what happens around and to you.

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