Struggling With Making Decisions – How To Make Quicker Decisions

Ever had a hard time choosing from a few different options?

Such as choosing what to eat, what projects to do, what jobs to take…the list goes on. It’s called paradox of choice, where we find it hard when there’s too many options, and here’s what I do to get around it.

Sometimes my brain freezes when i’m called to make a choice, could be

  • choosing the main course from 12 options in the menu
  • deciding what movie to watch for the night
  • making the choice on what to do for the weekend

Basically, if i’m presented with 3 or more options, my brain either shuts down temporarily (or longer lol) or i cant seem to decide. I looked it up, and found that it’s called Paradox of Choice, which says that

where there are too many options, we cant make a choice that seems to satisfy us

Enough was enough, and I researched how to overcome this problem, and to me, the simplest was to simplify the selection process to binary eg YES / NO.

Example, if I had to choose between 3 dishes, A, B and C, so I’ll use questions such as

  1. Do I like this?
  2. Do I want this now?
  3. Any other YES / NO questions

Anything that scores the highest number of yeses gets selected. If it’s a tie between 2, then I’ll throw a coin (heads vs tails).

That’s it.

So simple, ah my dang brain.

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