Personal Excellence, Growth And Staying True To Good Values and Passive Income Is Key

…to good success and a good life.

Like a broken record, I’ve said it again and again:

who we become, is infinitely more important that what we can ever materially gain

I’m taking my time to ruminate, think and philosophize on what exactly is good success and a good life, and some of the few things that come to mind are:

  • personal excellence
  • growth
  • staying true to good values
  • passive income

Personal Excellence

Personal excellence is the dedication to doing the best we can, and to expand this, is to become the best we can be. To excel means to

  • have a higher standard and banner of quality and excellence and
  • also to do and keep doing the activities that maintain and sustain excellence


Growth is very linked to Personal Excellence, in the sense it is or can be seen as the process of personal excellence. If Personal Excellence is the goal and end point, then Growth is the ladder between the milestones.

An example is say, we want to be financially free, so that we can spend time on matters that truly matter (Personal Excellence Goal), then Growth will look at:

  • how much income is required for one to be financially free?
  • can we assume, it’s passive income that we require?
  • then if it’s passive income, how much? Perhaps setting a goal of $500/month passive income within the first year, and then $1000/month passive income in the next year and so on and so forth

Growth basically gives you the perspective that we can improve and keep refining and improving better and better.

Staying True To Good Values

Staying true to good values is very important. It is crucial; and in fact, to level this statement up will also include:

  1. Removing bad habits which reflect poor or evil values
  2. Adding good success habits which reflects or is good values
  3. Practicing these good success habits diligently and keep improving them

We all have bad habits. Some bad habits just affect us alone, such as procrastination or mindless eating – these by itself, is not good, but what is worse, are habits and actions that are downright evil, such as

  • directly stealing, defrauding, cheating, lying – things that people can see
  • indirectly stealing, backstabbing, character assassinating, spreading vile or evil rumours, corruption – where is harder to see
  • not doing anything and/or tolerating such bad practices and actions

I understand that often when we’re surviving, we may succumb to do all we can do to survive, but to survive at such a practice and a cost, it will eat away at one’s heart, mind and soul. Eventually, these people become corrupt inside.

Most of the time, people are not evil nor corrupt – it’s the tolerating and allowing and hanging out with such individuals and organizations that slowly chip away at one’s conscience and soul. It then becomes a habit and a new norm. In a large scale, it becomes a culture and a disease where a group of people internalize such bad practices and culture.

This is one of the reasons why I’m definitely happier is because I decide who I work with.

Regardless of how much money one offers me – my soul and culture isn’t for sale, not something I can compromise for a quick buck or benefit – at the end of the day, I will have to face Christ, and I want to be able to face Him with a clean conscience.

Yes, it’s a little inconvenient at times, but boy, am I so happy and clear minded and hearted.

Passive Income

Ah, this is one of my dilemma, which was “Should I Make All About Passive Income?” – I struggled with this for years and years, and in 2020, I’ve decided that The Passive Income Lifestyle and the pursuit of passive income is very important, but there are more important things in life.

In my humble opinion and conclusion, building multiple streams of reliable passive income is as important as the air we breathe, because if not, then we may be stuck having to work actively to put bread and bacon on the table. This is one of the reasons why I

  • set aside monthly income to reliable and resilient dividend stocks for ongoing dividend passive income
  • set aside monthly income for online businesses such as Amazon publishing and affiliate business

And it’d be an ongoing thing, as long as my core (90%+) in Phoenix Rehab keeps growing and stable.

That being said, no, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working, especially if one enjoys it, but what I’m highlighting is to build streams of passive income such that it frees us from having the need to work everyday, and can then move on to working for fun, or choosing work, life, relationships that bring us deep joy.

Kinda hard to do that when one is hands-to-mouth surviving, I know – so if you are struggling with money now, first, get a job. Then read my section on The Passive Income Lifestyle.

Conclusion: Choose Growth, Personal Excellence, Passive Income and Practice Good Success Habits/Values.

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