Definitely At A Happier Place Today

Hmm – today’s the 26th of October 2020.

Yes, despite the shit-show and shit-storm of a 2020 with COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic that’s been plaguing the entire world since last 2019 and still lasting till today with second, third and even fourth waves as of today (and possibly more waves to come)…

…yet I will say that I am definitely at a happier place today.

It’s weird, I don’t usually speak and am mindful about such matters on “happiness” (or maybe I just realized that I always have), but ever since I exited my sabbatical on 16th June 2019 (my 37th birthday) to join Phoenix Rehab Group as one of their principal hand therapists and CEO, it’s increasingly clear that my happiness level has grown at least 10X.

It’s also weird and seemingly counter-intuitive, as I consciously walked away from

  • a blank cheque offer (I could draw as much money as I want if I stayed)
  • a comfortable position, rank and mature business
  • with more options to “grow up the ranks”
  • and more

Yet, none of those offers fazes me, not even an iota, in the least.

I’m not in the least remotely interested in serving or working with individuals or organizations whose core values do not align with mine, regardless of how much money they can offer me. Unfortunately (or unfortunately?) I am not “buyable” – one cannot buy me with a price, no matter how big or amazing.

The the 18 months of sabbatical and the events I experienced in there confirmed that my sense and move is spot-on, with the kind of lies, deceit, rumour-mongering/burying and corruption that presented itself, be it behind closed doors or not.


Funnily enough, if we were to “look purely at material gains and losses”, yes I used much of my savings during my sabbatical but…after joining Phoenix Rehab

  • I replaced my income within 6 months
  • I doubled my income within 12 months
  • I’ve slowly starting building my dream team

…and there is so much more potential within and without, on top of the additional peace and happiness and “cleanliness” that I have obtained. It’s funny also, because I know of people who “stick around even bad places because they smell money there” – I can’t do that.

Good success to me is how and who I make money and value in a good and right way is very important to me, and is non-negotiable. Forever.

I have forgiven these events and activities, and will move on. I will continue to pave my path that God has called and given to me, and I will not stop, and I will not tolerate working with people or organizations whose values are dark and evil.

I am strong.

I am hopeful.

I am unstoppable.

May peace, hope, love and good success be the basis of your being, hope and future.

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