Recovering From Covid-19 (we couldn’t escape…and finally got it)

Today’s post will be a short one, and I will be sharing the longer version one we fully recover. For me in a nutshell,

  1. Days 1-3: high fever 38 degrees + tiredness then progressed to
  2. Days 3-4: normal temperature but diarrhea and tiredness then becoming
  3. Day 5 onward: phlegm (lots of coughing) + tiredness + some sort of mental/brain slowness (here now)

It’s a little hard to write or think more than basic things like food, messages. Heck, even speaking is a little laborious.

Will end this post here for now.

The brain slowness thing is annoying. The nice thing is we’re here together, and it’s not that bad ie we’re not gonna die from it. Some inconveniences for now but we’d live.

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