How to have more than enough money and never worry about lack of money…ever.

You can marry someone rich, or buy lottery or hope to chance upon a biiiiiiig bagga money…


  1. I do not believe in marrying someone for their money. That’s so transactional and superficial; the person who’s rich will likely be able to see through you as well, unless they plan to be transactional and superficial too.
  2. 70% of people who buy lottery….lose all their lottery money. It’s not surprising, because lottery winners did not learn money mindset and strategies to keep (growing) their money.
  3. Chancing upon a big bag of money is similar to buying lottery, but the chances are waaaaaaay lower.
  4. Bonus: maybe you may inherit a good inheritance, and good for you, that’s similar to #2 winning the lottery.

These 3 methods dont really work if you wanna get rich, but if you’re wanting to become and stay rich, and dont mind some work and effort to learn as well as are patient, you can likely get richer than you are today.

I feel that the word “richer” is overrated, I’d focus first on building enough investment that will increase in value over time (coastFIRE) and then towards leanFIRE where the returns of my investment can cover my living expenses. Freedom over wealth of money first.

3 key concepts:

Earning more

This is the key foundation to accelerate getting rich. Cashflow will allow you to

  • have a decent living (roof over head, utilities, food on table, pleasures)
  • save

Starting / growing a business (including online businesses) will also

  • provide value to your clients
  • meet more people
  • grow professionally and personally
  • increase earning

Saving more

If earning more is a powerful skill to have, saving more is the supporting skill that’s vital to create that surplus cash, which is an underrated skill but equally important one that both provides

  • safety net in terms of rainy day funds and more importantly
  • warchest to invest

(Re)investing more

Investing and reinvesting your savings, without losing the principal amount is the third and equally important skill to learn. Here you will learn and apply concepts of

  • return on investment
  • compound interest
  • internal returns rate
  • dividend yield
  • profitability

Basically, investing for passive income is investing into investments that will provide you a minimum of 4-10% returns year-on-year; using what you need form that returns and reinvesting as much as possible.

Done over a period of time, it’d compound well into growing your base money.

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