An adrenaline-pumping, sleep-disrupting nightmare of fighting off zombies


I woke up in the middle of the night, awakened by a bizarre and scary nightmare. In the dream, I was fighting for my very survival against scores and scores of zombies. I remember that I wasn’t alone. I was with a group of people, allies, I think. But I don’t remember their faces.

All I can remember is that we were surrounded, and there was a lit up doorway maybe around 20 feet away…and scores and scores of zombies were ambling slowly towards us, in a horrific, slow motion, but surely aiming for us, to kill us.

I vaguely remember being alive, and I was unhurt, tired as hell. And assuredly, my adrenaline was surely pumping crazily and my breaths ragged. They didn’t stop coming, we beat them back, but they were relentless, untiring.

“man, this is tiring, and it’s so bleak, it seems so easy to give up and die…but I don’t want to die. I want to live.”

And they kept pushing slowly and progressively, until we beat them back. I got more tired, and thought to myself “man, this is tiring, and it’s so bleak, it seems so easy to give up and die…but I don’t want to die. I want to live.”

I really didn’t want to die.

And even more, I wanted to live, and that kept me going and fighting and surviving against this tireless horde of undead. I think I was holding a bloodied bat or spade or something like that. It was dark, with casual spots where lights were.

And then I woke up, looked at the door and then glanced at my peacefully asleep wife.

For a moment, I thought it’d be some super dramatic moment where she suddenly turns her head round to me, with a zombified head, and pounce on me to eat my brains. But…it didn’t turn out that way. She felt warm, smelled nice and nice to hug.

I lay there beside her for awhile before drifting off to sleep, not pondering further. It’s been about 14 hours since I woke up, and now at the end of the day, as I reflect, I think this dream kinda means something, so I consulted my best consultant: good ‘ol Google.

DREAM ANALYSIS: What is the symbolic meaning of zombies in dreams?

Zombies are occasional symbols in dreams. They may have several theoretical meanings. They may refer to the mindless acceptance of ideas and a general unquestioning nature. They maybe also refer to a tired listless state possibly after illness.

  • Zombies can link to boredom. If you are unable to do anything meaningful then your mind goes blank.Examples include:”I am bored and frustrated with my husband. It is very emotionally draining on a day to day basis. Sometimes I find it difficult to be in the same room””Being unemployed is getting to me. It is just the endless MINDLESS BOREDOM of it all””I have been grounded by my parents. I am bored out of my mind””I just hate economics lessons. Sometimes the clock seems to go backwards – its that slow”
  • Zombies can represent people who will simply not think rationally. E.g. “I try to avoid my boyfriends ex. She simply hates me. Its pointless trying to get on with her as she simply repeats the same old mindless nonsense”
  • Zombies can relate to moments when you are unable to act and feel paralysed.E.g.”I feel as if I have a real fear of social situations., I just do not know how to react. I am encountering situations I have never had experience of. I am used to a much more quieter way of life””I feel sorry for my new friend. I know he is nervous but I just do not know what to say to him. There are moments of real silence when I just do not know what to say”
  • Zombies may be symbolic of exhaustion. Often we walk around in a zombified state whilst recovering from illness.”I am starting to recover after my illness but sometimes I still feel EXHAUSTED””I often get zombie dreams shortly before I become ill”
  • Zombies can symbolise moments when you are unable to think clearly. Incapable of making a decision.E.g.”I have been on my cousins case recently as she tends to panic””I was at a conference yesterday and things went wrong when I had to speak. I had not printed out my notes properly. I panicked and did not know what to do”
  • Zombies can symbolise emotions when you are unable to think of anything else.E.g.”Me and my boyfriend met up for a short while. We only had eyes for each other. It was wonderful”
  • Zombies exist in a state where they are not alive yet they are not dead. They may symbolize something in your life that has similar features.E.g.”Me and my boyfriend are trying to keep our relationship going even though we are in a long distance relationship. The relationship is not really happening and existing in any normal sense””I have got to accept that the relationship is over. Its been over for some time. I keep hoping against hope that we can get back together”
  • Zombies can a routine which is numbing your brain.E.g.”I have been very lazy. There is nothing to do where I am stationed right now and the days are all the same. I have decided to start working out more and snap myself out of some bad habits””I was thinking about my life before I went to bed last night. I have the same routine all the time. People do not appreciate my efforts.”
  • Zombies can show you are lacking creative ideas in some way.E.g.”I have been trying to complete my book. I get moments of real inspiration yet then I get stuck and cannot think of anything”[Dream dictionary – trying to stay away from zombies ]

Reading back at what I had written, I think over the past couple of weeks, I had been dealing with three things:

  • people who will simply not think rationally like when I manage red tape and deeply entrenched bureaucratic issues
  • physical and mental exhaustion from the sheer overwhelm of work and business
  • you are unable to act and feel paralysed I think was really linked to the recent wake that I attended, where I didn’t know how to respond

Our body and mind is very interesting, and God who made our bodies is even more interesting. I like how He made everything a learning experience, things that I’m conscious and things that I’m not conscious of, but I’m learning.

Working in and with a larger organization is interesting, and it’s exposing me quite a variety of experience, totally unlike working like how we normally do in my previous business (already sold off).

I think, all the stress is adding up, and though I’m scheduling more exercise sessions and rests and outsourcing more of my work, I do believe that the work and stress is still there, just in the background.

In fact, one of the places where I provide locum hand therapy services for told me today, that I hadn’t been smiling as much as I had before. Come to think of it, I have been quite stressed these past few months, with all the renovations, cashflow and business and marketing related matters.


For the last matter, that was quite eye opening and scary at the same time, and it very quickly showed me how life was really fragile, and we need to take it in our stride and enjoy as much as we can.

Regardless, I’m gonna kill those damned zombies and survive and thrive.

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