“I Didn’t Read The Contract, So It Doesn’t Count” And Other Silly Thinking

This is a post where I wanted to rant about idiocy of some select individuals on their dumbassery, some examples being:

  1. Signing up for a partnership and agreement, and then later backtracking saying “I didn’t read the contract therefore it doesn’t count”.
  2. Another was to ask me to teach her how to build relationship with referral partners, and then leave the business after learning from me to join a competitor next door…and she felt it was okay because she hadnt decided to leave yet.
  3. I dont agree with that, but because there’s money and profits to be made so it’s okay.
  4. As long as it doesnt happen to me, I’m okay.
  5. Looking away where there is indecent or perversion of practices.
  6. I’ll lose weight then get a job…and proceed to keep eating.
  7. It’s never my fault….someone did it to me.

And too many to count.

All are forgiven, and mostly forgotten, and I will pray for the love of God to envelop you all, please dont use such silly thinking in your lives, it just shows lack of thinking, lack of decency as human being, perhaps you didnt mean it but that doesnt mean there isn’t hurt or pain that’s dished out.

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