You need to protect your time and prioritize what’s important to you, rather than blindly following or haphazardly managing your time

I…used to be people pleaser – it was hard to say no because i wanted to be liked and popular but the more i said yes to people and things i dont care about, the unhappier and more lost i got. In the end I realize I have to protect my time for people and projects i care about.

Here’s what i did.

TLDR: time is limited, time that has passed will never come back. I learnt to schedule activities, events and projects i care about to get the kind of results i want be it financially, buying time back or spending with people i care about

The biggest 2 things i learnt:

  1. Schedule everything. This includes sleep time, rest time, slack / serendipity time, exercise time, everything – the more details that went into the calendar, the better. It made it easier to focus and to say no to things that dont fit the goal or the time.

  2. Prioritization of importance. Things may seem urgent, but frankly not everything is important, and not everything can be done. i have to just choose the best 3-4 things in a day to focus on. this also meant saying no to many events that were not critical or important.

Business-wise, it’s the same when it comes to decision making and prioritization. Choose the core 3-4 activities that progresses or grow the business and drop / ignore the stuff that isn’t as important for the time being.


There’s another 3 lessons i learnt to maximize my time, watch the video to find out.

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