Writing Experiment: Going To Write More Often

I’m starting an experiment to write more often.

Earlier in my writing, I would write based on what I experienced be it at work or life, and share some ideas. Later, I read that I need to have an editorial schedule where I will have a list of topics that I would like to cover and then have them pre-written and published at set dates, but that doesn’t work so far; it seems that writing on a as-when basis is better for me.

So I will do just that.

Ideally I will want to write and publish posts 3-4 times a week if not more, and the goals are simple:

  • to hone my writing and written communication skills
  • to write and dive deeper to my craft
  • to start a writing habit
  • to stop the habit of “perfectionism” and to start a new one called “progression”

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