Writing And Focus Beyond 2020

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It’s really tough and challenging at times for me, to decide what focus I want to write for NigelChua.com. See, right now, my awareness and perception is that

  1. I am a born-again Christian, and with Christ, I can do anything and overcome the world, for Jesus has overcome the world.
  2. I am born with certain talents, and have the ability and mindset to learn and nurture new skills and talents to improve my value and delivery to the world.
  3. I believe that we can all live harmoniously, properously, peacefully and happily with everyone in the world, in my idea of “naive idealism leadership
  4. I believe that we need to strive to keep leveling up in good ways, where we add value and positivity to the world. And of this, a segment will touch on The Passive Income Lifestyle, which is something that we all need to “unlock and achieve” to move onto the next stage in our lives; failing which, we will be constantly kept busy with putting food on the table, paying rent etc.

This is why a big portion of my life and thoughts in life and in NigelChua.com was all about passive income and creating passive income streams. Don’t get me wrong – creating new passive income streams and growing them still gets me excited; just that passive income is important but it’s just the beginning, you get what I mean? And I can’t imagine “just” writing about business and passive income all my life – at the start, or a portion, certainly. But definitely not just about that forever – there is so much of life beyond passive income and money, and it’s important to overcome that stage.

I do not know how to amalgate all the culmination of my thoughts, hopes, aspirations, achievements and ideals yet, but I believe that I am slowly making sense of it all and getting there. It seems to be pointing towards “Good Success” and/or “Building & Living A Good Life” and “Passive Income Lifestyle”, but it’s hard to write a title first then fill in the details.

I also believe, at the same time, that as and when I get it, it will also “unlock” my ability to 10X to 100X+ my income as well because “everything will fall into place” once the framework and belief system all work synergistically together.

In a sense, I also want NigelChua.com to be my legacy for my children (including my readers of today and in the future, who I term as my “pseudo-children” anyway, cos I’m wired and care that way. I would like it to be a resource and a guide on

  • how to live better
  • how to make better decisions
  • how to love
  • how to lead better and in love
  • and more

I know these can be “high level” and broad, and these needs to be “action-ified” into daily tasks, habits and systems to achieve and sustain them as well. So it’s “doing” ie habits and systems that are important, but equally as important are

  • being able to consciously think about these and improve a la “mindset, thinking, philosophy”
  • knowing what to prioritize on a la “wisdom”
  • doing these in good love, leadership etc (what’s the point of “getting” something in expense of hurting/destroying another/earth?)

In the end, who we become is more important infinitely as compared to what we can get materially.

These seem to be very broad, so this is what I’m going to do for now: I’m going to just write.

And write.

And write some more.

And then collectively group my writings.

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