Write And Publish First, Organize Later

I chanced across this concept as I read Jon Dyxstra’s blog, where he started a new product review blog, but he keep writing first without adding any tags or categories, simply because he wants to see how the site grows and develops first.

I like that idea.

I believe the major reason why this blog (NigelChua.com) isn’t growing as fast isn’t just because I’m busy with a few businesses to juggle such as

  • Phoenix Rehab Group, our specialist physiotherapy and hand therapy practice in Singapore
  • KDP romance and self help books (in development)
  • other niche affiliate sites and projects

…is that I have been wanting to think the entire project first before I take consistent action, such as writing here for myself and my readers. It’s not that I don’t have topics to write about, I do have quite a bit, just that I was thinking if I should sort/think out the categories first so that the topics can fall within the categories I prepare, but that was an error I believe.

As I am more intuitive and exploratory curious in nature, I will do it the other way around: take an intuitive semi-structured approach to writing NigelChua.com and then take a look to create/refine the categories here on this site.

Let’s see how that goes.

We don’t have to have the entire map and structure mapped out first before we make our move – we can make our move first and then refine as we go along.

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