Why NalcoLeads.com?

My best friend asked me that just yesterday.

And why not dropshipping or affiliate marketing like what I used to write about. I mean I still do affiliate marketing for a number of products I find of good quality, and sometimes I do think just “focusing on one affiliate business” where people buy through my affiliate links is so much easier than doing lead generation sites and personally prospecting and reaching out to business owners to send leads first then close them after.

Cos it’s more work and more in-person sales – which is a little unnerving at times.

The last few days I did think about why lead gen and NalcoLeads.com as opposed to affiliate marketing, and in the first 5 minutes, I did think that I should focus on affiliate marketing – that was probably my reactive feeling setting in.

Then only my brain started moving, yes I have to prospect, close and manage the clients BUT

  1. The skill of building exclusive lead gen assets is a skill that I can apply anywhere in the world where there is businesses and business owners who wants more leads for their business – ie this business is evergreen and will always be here
  2. I own the lead-generating assets. Unlike affiliate marketing or dropshipping, where I will be at the mercy of the affiliate or dropshipping product owner or manufacturer, who can change their terms anytime, or cut their affiliate commissions (like how Amazongeddon can cut up to 80% of their affiliate commissions in April 2020). When I own the assets and send leads to business owners who appreciate these leads and want more, I am the asset owner and deal maker. It’s easier and cleaner this way.
  3. It’s just simpler – any business owner gets this business in a heartbeat. And it’s so easy to share and understand over the dining table and over a cuppa coffee. No need for complicated explanation about affiliate marketing, kindle publishing, thousands of SKUs and products and inventory management
  4. Low competition – is much much much simpler and smaller. In affiliate marketing, you tend to compete with the entire world. With local lead gen, it’s much smaller as it’s so local and there are so many businesses and business owners who wants more leads.

And still there is a number of benefits I hadn’t written down, but that’s the general highlights.

It’s simple and it adds value to businesses and business owners today, locally.

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