Why I Pay For Wealthy Affiliate For All My WordPress Sites Hosting….

Sometimes I come across sites where they bash Wealthy Affiliates for being too expensive because other web hosts are cheaper…

Take a look at this:

So I installed a plugin on 18th May 2021 and it crashed my site at 5 PM.

I flagged this up to Wealthy Affiliate support team at 5.05 PM.

It was sorted in minutes.


This is what I pay USD 299 a year for – that makes it about USD 81 cents a day (USD 0.81/day). As a busy business owner with multiple commitments including young children etc, I normally would like good support in all I do. I’m assuming the same of you as well.

Better than me trying for 1-8+ hours, tearing my hair out in frustration (I’m a tech klutz after all haha)

If you’re wanting to start an online business (or if you have a business but dont have an online presence yet), read Passive Income Entrepreneurship. I recommend using Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership program first to get the feel and hang of things, and when you’re ready, you can upgrade to premium.

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