Why Do People Shout At Each Other?

A wise man asked his followers/disciples this question:images (2)

Why do people shout at each other?

Some of the answers he received includes people shouting at each other because they are not calm, because they are angry at each other etc.

Calmly, he said that those were true, but not the actual reasons. The real reason why people shout at each other, was in fact, people’s heart grow distant when they’re angry/upset/disappointed at each other, and to cover the distances between their hearts, they up their volume to compensate.

The more upset/angry/disappointed they are, the more the disconnect and distance between the hearts, and the more louder and intensive they will shout.

That’s why lovers who are in love with each other often need not shout, but to whisper to each other and their hearts can hear what they say. Those who are more attuned and in love with each other – sometimes words are not needed at all.

To take this further, perhaps that is why people, Christians predominantly, sometimes can’t hear the voice of God. God whispers to us, gently like a quiet voice, and if our hearts are far away, we can’t hear Him. And those who are seeking Him but have hearts that are far away, they often will shout out to Him, asking where He is and if He’s there.

But because their hearts are far away, they cannot really hear.

You want to hear clearer, you have to move nearer. Be gentle. Move closer and forward cautiously, slowly, be graceful. Stop to listen. Listen first, then speak. If you have tried it and it doesn’t work, then walk away.

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