What’s Your Priority & Focus For 2021?

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We’re nearing the end of the crazy crazy year of 2020, the year where COVID19 really disrupted the entire world’s operations:

  • trade decreased significantly
  • flights decreased significantly
  • work-from-home became the new norm
  • words like isolations, stay home notice, quarantine, safe distancing, mask wearing and safe distancing were buzzwords

All in all, a crazy year.

Oh but what a time it has been – it’s a very good wake up call as well to many of us who had been taking life, routines and things for granted – we were definitely “jarred and shaken up” by COVID19.

So now it’s 28th November 2020, and end of 2020 is just in about 33 days time – what is your priority and focus for 2021?

What will you do this coming new year?

What will you be focusing on?

Will you be improving what you already have and do?

Will you stay the same?

Remember, exactly one year ago in 2019, what was your plan for 2020? Have you achieved what you set out to do? If yes, good.

If not, what happened? Did 2020 happened and COVID smacked all the plans out of whack?

How will things differ next year in 2021? Maybe COVID vaccine will be out by then, or will it not? What will change?

Will you choose to…

  • love more next year?
  • read more next year?
  • exercise more next year?
  • lose a little weight next year?
  • start a side income hustle online next year? (if you do, consider going to my PassiveIncomeEntrepreneurship.com site where I help individuals like you build a $500-$1K+ per month side income from affiliate marketing)

Whatever it is, write it down, and put it at a place you can see it every day. Put it as your computer background, or printed and stuck to your bathroom mirror – wherever you can see it.

And just do the work – I assure as long as you put effort in consistently, you will get to where and who you want to be.

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